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Meet the SKS 2024 Startup Showcase Finalists

Ever since we launched the Smart Kitchen Summit {SKS} in 2015, one of the most popular parts of the conference is the Startup Showcase, where attendees get a glimpse at early-stage companies making innovative inroads into food and kitchen tech.

The Showcase is back this year, and we're excited to announce the nine startups building products that are rethinking the future of food and cooking. These nine were chosen from over 100 applicants who applied to pitch their product on stage in Seattle.

You can meet the founders behind these companies, hear them pitch and visit their table at the Smart Kitchen Summit on June 4th and 5th in Seattle! Get your ticket today!


Nymble makes a countertop cooking robot that automates everyday cooking.


The Celcy is an autonomous cooking appliance that combines a countertop oven with a freezer that stores the meals until ready for cooking.

TasteGAGE from MAMAY Technologies Ltd

Taste GAGE is "the world’s first universal Taste, Odor & Feel simulator for foods and beverages. The GAGE simulator analyzes the chemical and physical properties of a product’s ingredients at the molecular level, combining that data with their taste and odor attributes.


The Hefes' Self-Cleaning Juicer uses steam to automatically clean its internal components after each use.


MashDaddy has reimagined the world's oldest kitchen tool, the mortar and pestle.


Wisely is a smart food storage container that uses hardware, software, and sensors to track the conditions with which perishable foods are stored and connect to a consumer smartphone app.

Bridge Appliances

Bridge Appliances makes OMM, a robot designed to automate the preparation of eggs for breakfast sandwiches.


Kitchenery makes wireless power transfer technology for the kitchen appliance industry. The offer the Quantum Energy Pad, along with cordless appliances such as the Cordless Kettle and Silent Blender, which enable consumers to use appliances in the kitchen without cords.

Ladle Cooking

Ladle helps users cook at home by personalizing recipes from their favorite creators to their individual preferences.

Make sure to get your ticket today to SKS 2024 to check out these products and meet the founders behind them on June 4th and 5th in Seattle!


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