The SKS schedule is a draft and will likely change before the event. Please check back for more sessions and speakers!

October 8, 2018

Morning Sessions

Track 1: The Smart Kitchen Opportunity

Welcome: The Future Kitchen Opportuniy

Michael Wolf, The Spoon

The Evolving Meal Journey

Michael Wolf; Jon Jenkins, Hestan Smart Cooking; Dana Cowin

Instant, Personalized & Smart: The Future of Food Creation

Pablos Holman, Intellectual Ventures

Defining Strategies For Investing In Food Tech  

Panelists: Tom Mastrobouni, Tyson Ventures; Brian Frank, FTW; Carman Palafox, Make in LA

Startup Pitches


Track 2: Fostering Innovation For The Future of Food and Cooking

Out of the Garage: Building Disruptive Products For The Kitchen

Ashlee Clarke-Thompson, CNET; Clay Alexander, Ember; Jerry Callahan, Heatworks

Building An Innovation Culture @ Starbucks

Ben Pote, Head of Culinary Innovation, Starbucks

Rethinking Interfaces: Exploring Voice and AI-Powered Interfaces For The Kitchen

Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast; Shelby Bonnie, Pylon AI; Zach Pace, Amazon

From Home Appliances To Home Experiences

Dr. Karsten Ottenberg, CEO, BSH Appliances

Startup Pitches


Table Topics: Have lunch with those thinking about the same challenges and questions you are facing in building your business. 

Concurrent Sessions

Recital Hall: Kitchen Sessions

Implementing & Executing Smart Kitchen Platforms

Kevin Brown, Innit; Kevin Yu, SideChef; Geoff Barnes, Google

Innovating The Hard Way: How Tech Companies Can Solve Real Problems in Cooking

Arvind Pereira, Markov

Replenishment, Subscriptions & Services: Building A Kitchen Commerce Business

Iri Zohar, Freshub; Yuni Sameshima, Chicory

NORCLIFFE FOUNDER'S ROOM: Reinventing Food Systems

Leave The Lunch Box Behind: How Tech Is Changing How We Eat At Work

Deepak Sekar, Chowbotics; Michele Smart, EZCater

Democratized Platforms Are Enabling New Creators to Enter The Food Space

Ashley Colpaart, The Food Corridor

How the Connected Kitchen Will Save Lives (and Maybe the Planet Too)

Alexis Fox, Lighter

New Brew: Innovation Percolation In The Coffee Space

Cynthia Yeung, Cafe X


Afternoon Sessions

Robot Revolution: The Future of Food Robotics

John Ha, Bear Robotics; Cynthia Yeung, Cafe X; Deepak Sekar, Chowbotics

Data Privacy & Security in The Smart Home Era

Riley (Caesar) Eller, Nokia

Apps, Connectivity & Voice Interfaces: The Art of The Modern Kitchen Review

Michael Wolf, The Spoon; Wilson Rothman, Wall Street Journal;  Ashlee Clark Thompson, CNET; Joe Ray, Wired

Startup Pitches

Happy Hour & Startup Showcase

October 9, 2018

Morning Sessions

Finding The Formula: Why Products Succeed or Fail

Wilson Rothman, Wall Street Journal; Malachy Moynihan (Juicero, Amazon Echo, Linksys)

What Is The Future of Food & Cooking Media   

Shelby Bonnie, Pylon AI; Cliff Sharples, Fexy Media; Dana Cowin

Building Innovation Culture @ Starbucks   

Ben Pote, Starbucks

Rethinking Business Models In The Era of FoodTech 

Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool; John Pleasants, Brava

Hacking Flavor

Jason Cohen, Analytical Flavor Systems


Kitchen Killer? A Look At Evolving Delivery Models    

Christopher Payne, DoorDash; Michelle Smart, EZCater

Grocery Store 2025   

Mike Lee, Alpha Labs

On The Menu: The Future of Restaurants

Eric Rivera, addo Incubator; Jim Collins, Kitchen United

Chef Tech: Why Richard Blais Love Food Tech

Richard Blais, Top Chef; Chris Albrecht, The Spoon



Fresh Heat: A Look At How We Will Cook Food In the Future

Arvind Pereira, Markov

Using AI to Fast Track Food & Cooking Innovation

Daeil Kim, AI Reverie

Shoppable, Guided & Dynamic: Recipes As  Platforms




What Do They Really Want? Consumer Insights On The Connected Kitchen

Michael Wolf, The Spoon

Democratized Kitchens & Food Innovation

Ashley Colpaart, The Food Corridor

Tech For Good: Using IOT, AI & Data to Make Kitchens Better for the World

Dana Gunder, Author - "The Waste Free Kitchen"; Patrick Sherwin, GoSun

Crowd & Beyond: Building Sustainable FoodTech Businesses Once The Campaign Ends

Cheryl Clements, PieShell


The Final Five

A series of compelling and thought provoking talks to inspire innovation