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Jeremy High


Jeremy High is an emerging leader in the evolution of modern living, bringing smart home technology and refined design together to enhance the quality of life.


The backdrop of Jeremy’s professional mission is HIGHCO Builders and HIGHCO Homes, where he blends modern construction practices with the latest in-home technology. His pursuit is not just about constructing dwellings but about nurturing California indoor-outdoor living ensuring that every home is a place of connection and shared experience.


Through his experience at HIGHCO, Jeremy has spearheaded transformative solutions that streamline and enhance daily life, granting residents the luxury of time for the truly important moments. Fresh Portal stands as a testament to this innovation—a smart home locker system that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of home delivery but also simplifies the process, setting a new standard in how we receive essentials beyond our doorstep. This pioneering system is more than a functional asset; it's poised to redefine the future of domestic convenience.


With a degree in International Relations and Business Administration at the University of Oregon, Jeremy infuses a comprehensive perspective into his work. He is rooted with his family in the beautiful surroundings of Pebble Beach/Carmel area, which inform and inspire the community-focused mission of his company.

Jeremy High
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