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James Briscione


James Briscione is a chef, best-selling author, restauranteur, and Food Network personality. From the pilot episode to the Champions Tournament, James became the first-ever three-time Champion of Food Network’s Chopped. He later became a network regular as a judge and host, including a subsequent win on Beat Bobby Flay.


For over a decade, James has been at the leading edge of culinary innovation. As Director of Culinary Development at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City, he spearheaded ICE's collaboration with IBM to create and operate Chef Watson, the pioneering culinary generative AI system. Armed with the insights from this groundbreaking project, he and his wife penned the award-winning cookbook and flavor pairing guide, The Flavor Matrix. Based on the principles of the flavor pairing theory, The Flavor Matrix unspools the complex science of what makes food delicious. Today, James is executive chef of Angelena’s Ristorante Italiano in his hometown of Pensacola, FL. He has reunited with his collaborator from the Chef Watson project to launch CulinAI, a startup aimed at providing personalized culinary solutions to individuals grappling with diet-related diseases.

James Briscione
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