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Emily Jung

Director of Content

Emily’s career has spanned the television, blogging, and content creation industries over the past 7 years. With her passion for storytelling, analytical mindset, and video production background, she excels in making viral, mouthwatering content that engages audiences.

Emily is currently the Director of Content and Social Media at Feedfeed, a food media company, content studio, and social media community, reaching 40 million people a month. In this role, she leads the strategic growth initiatives across social channels, content analysis, SEO, and website development.

Her accomplishments include receiving an Emmy in 2019 for her editing and producing work on the farm-to-table TV series "Washington Grown, Season 6," and successfully building and managing a production team at the popular baking channel, "Sugar Geek Show." There, she not only created delicious-looking cake content but also orchestrated a 10x growth in social media following and quadrupled revenue through strategic SEO and RPM initiatives.

Emily Jung
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