Q&A: Kai Schaeffner CEO Thermomix USA

Kai Schaeffner is the CEO of Thermomix USA, one of the sponsors for SKS 2019 and a leader in the space creating “The World’s Smartest Kitchen.” We connected with him ahead of the show to discuss industry challenges and whats coming from Thermomix:

What are the unique challenges Thermomix is tackling within the foodtech or smart kitchen space?

As the kitchen becomes smarter, Thermomix is focused on bringing every home the kitchen assistant that can help them create delicious and satisfying meals from scratch. Thermomix is challenged to create fast, convenient, and cheaper recipe options for our customers, plus meals that can suit dietary restrictions such as paleo or vegan.  

What is Thermomix?

Thermomix is an innovative, intuitive cooking appliance which will literally change the way you prepare and cook meals. It’s like a second set of hands with professional knife skills to help with the prep work for amazing home-cooked meals, from a library of recipes for any diet and of many cuisines.

Give an example of an “Ah-ha!” moment where you realized tech was disrupting your industry.

Recently, the Thermomix team has had an “Ah-ha!” moment, realizing that we needed to step up to the integrated smart home challenges. Consumers are gravitating towards technology in their homes and kitchens, and we’ve created the World’s Smallest Smartest Kitchen; Thermomix TM6TM is the market leader for a kitchen appliance that does everything at the touch of a button.

What is Thermomix doing differently? What are you disrupting, innovating, or inventing?

The Thermomix(R) TM6TM offers fully integrated Wi-Fi and 50,000 tested recipes from around the world through Cookidoo®, our online guided cooking platform. It’s disrupting meal preparation and cooking, by bringing users an assistant that can guide them through cooking delicious meals in less time.

What’s Thermomix’s future vision for how foodtech will change the way we think about and interact with food?

Thermomix’s is designed to help customers through the entire preparation and cooking process, through meal planning and automated grocery delivery, and assistance preparing fast and delicious recipes. Home cooking is a lengthy process from the grocery store to the plate, but can be simplified through technology. Our vision is to simplify cooking for families by giving them an extra hand in the kitchen to make delicious meals from scratch in less time.

What are some of the challenges Thermomix and others within your industry are facing?

To deliver guided cooking and meal preparation assistance, Thermomix is challenged to keep up with the cost and ever-changing technology. Thermomix is designed to combine meal planning, recipes, and food preparation, bringing a new category in the food appliance market. As consumers adopt more technology, we want to be part of their smart home to support them in the kitchen. 

Laura ShubelComment