Q&A: Jonathan David Press, Head of Sales Galley Solutions

We sat down with Jonathan David Press, head of sales at Galley Solutions, to get his perspective on kitchen productivity, data, and the impact on the restaurant community.

What are the unique challenges Galley Solutions is tackling within the foodtech or smart kitchen space?

Food data is messy — and we take the right approach to cleaning it up and making it useful for decision making, day-to-day tasking, and analytics. It’s a platform that scales with a business to

What is Galley Solutions?

Galley helps food operations of all scales improve kitchen productivity, by being one source of truth for recipes, profitability, production, batching, and purchasing.

We're involved with SKS to share with the community the future of efficient commercial kitchens.

Give us an important “origin story” moment in creating Galley Solutions:

The ex-Google Chef and head of food and beverage from Emirates Airlines joined Sprig and tested every piece of software available, and it was clear they had ALL taken the wrong approach to food data — leaving it fragmented, messy, and useless.

Galley Solutions Founder Benji Koltai took their feedback to heart, listened to culinary, and built Galley 1.0 internally to reduce expenses by 30% and research and development time by 80%. As folks left Sprig, they kept coming back to Benji asking for access to the old tool. It was clear the industry needed a powerful platform to support them, as the available tools are outdated, and do not solve their biggest pain points.

Now we've got Galley up and running at food operations around the world, reducing complexity, taking menial mundane tasks off of teams plates, simplifying procurement and purchasing, accurately planning production and batching, and improving the bottom lines of food businesses in less than 60 days.

What is Galley Solutions doing differently? What are you disrupting, innovating, or inventing?

The Galley platform uses data model and algorithms for accurate food production planning, automated purchasing, and profitability tracking. With features for recipes, menus, inventory, and purchasing tracking, Galley simplifies day-to-day operations for management to reduce waste and costs. It’s the new autopilot of the commercial kitchen.

What’s Galley Solutions’s future vision for how foodtech will change the way we think about and interact with food?

Operational efficiency of food operations is going to become even more a priority in the next three to five years. To date, the most technology is Front of House (order taking delivery etc.); while the Back of House has tooling, though archaic, and uses a broken data model. Galley is bringing an industry-changing evolution to food data and information.

What are some of the challenges Galley Solutions and others within your industry are facing?

Currently, very low systemization of food businesses is a challenge for the industry, where there is a very low spend on IT, and lots of purchasing and inventory management is done chaotically. Many businesses are unaware that there’s an easier way to manage it.

Laura ShubelComment