Q&A: Prashanth Shetty, Vice President Global Marketing, Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks is a sponsor of SKS 2019, and we connected with Prashanth Shetty, vice president of global marketing, to discuss the intersection of IoT technology and kitchen appliances:

What are the unique challenges Ayla Networks is tackling within the foodtech or smart kitchen space?

There are several challenges that Ayla IoT is tackling in the industry, including growth of sales of kitchen supplies from coffee pods, filters, batteries, etc., through auto-replenishment, operational efficiency, and an enhanced customer experience. Our goal is to provide convenience and comfort to users with mobile apps, as well as to improve operational efficiency through device failure prediction and reduced service calls.

What is Ayla Networks?

Ayla Networks is an IoT platform company that enables manufacturers of smart home and kitchen devices to differentiate by securely developing and launching connected products. Consumer brand companies such as Shark Ninja, Kenmore appliances, Hamilton Beach, and De'Longhi rely on Ayla's IoT capabilities to realize growth opportunities, expand margins, and deliver a superior customer experience. Ayla's unique value include fast time-to-value, future proofed technology, and support for a broad ecosystem of devices with a high degree of security and reliability.

Give us an important “origin story” moment in creating Ayla Networks:

Ayla's founding vision was that just like the world wide web digitized information, all physical assets would eventually be digitized and managed for greater convenience, efficiency, and innovation. This bold vision became a reality when makers of products as small as plugs and bulbs, all the way to large commercial equipment saw the value in creating digital 'twins' using IoT technology to interact more easily and to dramatically reduce time-to-value. In the kitchen appliance space, the revelation occurred when makers of coffee brewers, blenders, cookers, and ranges saw opportunities for auto-replenishment, quality control, and increased convenience using Ayla's IoT technology.

What is Ayla Networks doing differently? What are you disrupting, innovating, or inventing?

Ayla Networks is powering IoT-led digital transformation for companies in the smart kitchen space by leveraging the power of IoT to create opportunities for business model innovation, unlock new revenue streams and deliver a superior customer experience. We are changing the game on faster innovation, by enabling a real-time model to product quality visibility and a software-driven approach to accelerating new releases.

What’s Ayla Networks’s vision for how foodtech will change the way we think about and interact with food?

Ayla believes the global food industry can benefit tremendously from IoT technology. Enabling device connectivity positively impacts makers of kitchen devices and appliances to improve the quality of their products and that of the food produced. On a larger scale, commercial food equipment manufacturers and other participants in the food supply chain such as transportation and warehousing will also leverage IoT technology to ensure the safety and security of the food supply chain. Overall, IoT technology will drive a higher level of quality and a superior customer experience when it comes to interacting with food.

What are some of the challenges Ayla Networks and others within your industry are facing?

In our mission to provide convenience and an improved customer experience for food interactions, Ayla Networks if faced with a few industry challenges, such as whether to buy a commercial IoT platform, or build it yourself, how and where to start with IoT and how to expand and scale through the journey, and how to maximize the business value generated while keeping costs under control.

Laura ShubelComment