Q&A With Jeffery Sears, CEO of PIRCH

Once or twice a week over the next few months, we'll be sharing insights from one of our speakers about the opportunities and challenges the industry faces while also hearing a little about how they got started. Today's Q&A is with Jeffery Sears, CEO of PIRCH, who will speak on the panel, 'Selling The Smart Kitchen' about what part retailers will play in the evolution and adoption of the connected kitchen. You can read more about Jeffery here.

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Jeffery Sears, Pirch

What problem is your company trying to solve that current kitchen or food industry technology doesn’t?
Sears: We are in search of the ultimate connector of emerging technologies that can connect the disparate landscape of manufacturers related to the concept of “farm to table.”
Tell us about an important ‘origin story’ moment in creating your product or founding the company. 
Sears: It was basic, have gone to by appliance and plumbing products and having it be the “worst shopping experience buying anything, anywhere in the world.” How was it possible that there was no place to learn, to play, to dream related to the products that adorn our homes and create inspired moments in our lives with family and friend.
What’s the most exciting aspect about the fusion of technology and kitchen for you?
Sears:  Many view the backsplash an area designed to protect and seal in the kitchen. We see the  backsplash as a window ready to be opened, at the heart of the kitchen, where there are  opportunities to share, experiment, open our minds to new possibilities and explore together.  What we call the 'InnJoy window' will provide a key visual experience in Savor Innovation Kitchen and serve  as the dashboard for our journey around the culinary world. Recipes, methods, videos and  iconic step­by­step instructions will be elegantly projected on the backsplash for all to see upon entering Savor kitchen. When guests leave, they will understand how to create their own recipes  empowered by food and a better understanding of cooking methods. An embedded iPad or sleek touch screen can be built into the countertop near the preparation  station or somewhere ideal for guests to interact with directly, and their selections will reflect on. 
What is the biggest potential pitfall do you believe the smart kitchen industry need to avoid to realize its potential?
Sears: Clearly not the development of technology, but the issue will be to getting the manufacturers of the “hardware/appliance” to create an ‘open’ system versus an insular, closed loop that prevents the free flow of innovation
What do you think will be the biggest change technology will bring to the kitchen and food tech space over the next 10 years?
When we empower food to inspire and inform the cooking experience, we deliver a new  understanding and partake in a culinary conversation chock-­full of trust, transparency, simplicity,  comfort and richness. We foresee a world where with the touch of a button on the oven or on an iPad, you’ll find auto­programmable recipe options for organic recipes and cooking methods to choose from. Guests will be able to play on the screen to explore the functionality. Guests may also find short demo videos of chefs sharing methods and shortcuts. If they see a recipe or demo they love, they can instantly and easily email it to themselves, save it to their app or share it with a friend from the oven dashboard.

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