Iri Zohar, CEO of Freshub, On Creating A Kitchen Commerce Startup

Once or twice a week over the next few months, we'll be sharing insights from one of our speakers about the opportunities and challenges the industry faces while also hearing a little about how they got started. Today's Q&A is with Iri Zohar, CEO of Freshub, who will speak on the panel, 'Food Commerce and The Smart Kitchen'  about how the smart kitchen will change the way we buy and sell food and other consumables in the era of the smart home. You can read more about Iri here.

Iri Zohar, Freshub

What problem is your company trying to solve that current kitchen or food industry technology doesn’t?        

Zohar: We're bringing the fully-automated grocery replenishment dream into the reality, doing it one step at a time.

Tell us about an important ‘origin story’ moment in creating your product or founding the company. 

Zohar: After building two big companies in the ad-tech space ( and I knew that I wanted to do something different. I really wanted to build a something meaningful,  to create a company that will truly help people, consumers. The team and I actually started from building an on-line grocery delivery service for hi-tech companies in Israel. It was very successful but still we didn't run it for too long .... we did learn A LOT from it and of-course the most important outcome was that it helped shopping our great Smart Kitchen Commerce concept.

What’s the most exciting aspect about the fusion of technology and kitchen for you?

Zohar: That's a simple one to answer - once consumer's shopping list is digitized we'll be able to overlay data on it and offer consumer to eat healthier food, buy from companies that care about values such as the environment and animal welfare ... We truly believe that digitizing this industry can help us make this world a better place. 

What is the biggest potential pitfall do you believe the smart kitchen industry need to avoid to realize its potential?

Zohar: Slow moving big corporations in those "old" industries

What do you think will be the biggest change technology will bring to the kitchen and foodtech space over the next 10 years?

Zohar: Actually two very big changes that are hard to sort by importance - automatic replenishment (our stuff) and automatic meal prep.

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