Meet The Exhibitors for FoodTech Live!

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We can’t wait to see you all at the FoodTech Live event during CES on January 8th from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. at the Treasure Island Hotel (directly across the street from the Sands!). To give you a little taste of what’s in store, here’s a list of the exhibitors who will be at FTL:

Apption Labs
Apption Labs’ MEATER is the a wireless meat thermometer that notifies you when your steak is at maximum deliciousness.

Arcelik A.S.
Arcelik is a leading player in the home appliance industry. At FoodTech Live they’ll be showing off their new Smart Wall Oven with innovative self clean feature.

Bartesian is a single serve capsule based craft cocktail maker that makes it simple for everyone to enjoy authentic cocktails. It serves premium cocktails on demand.

Bear Robotics
Our mission is to help reshape the restaurant experience using robotics and AI. Penny is our self-driving robot that delivers food from kitchens to tables.

Breville makes the first domestic countertop oven capable of reaching 750 °F which can cook a wood-fired style pizza in 2 minutes.

Chefling app with UltraConnect technology can extract appliance settings from any recipe and coordinate cooking efforts with multiple appliances.

Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps
The world's smallest, smartest, most powerful sous vide., perfect for novices and experts alike. Recently introduced Joule Ready, a line of pre-packaged sauces made for easy sous vide cooking.

Chicory is a technology company based in New York City that creates media and e-commerce solutions specifically for the grocery industry, including a shoppable recipe platform which allows CPG brands to reach consumers who are in-market for grocery and CPG products.

Cookpad is one of the world largest recipe sharing services, and is developing a smart kitchen service which translates recipes into a machine readable form.

Crank Software Inc.
Crank Storyboard is a GUI design and development tool that empowers engineers and designers to rapidly create optimized GUIs for embedded experiences.

Drop syncs appliance ready recipes with hardware partners for a holistic connected cooking experience.

Fromaggio is the world's first SMART home cheesemaker.

Garbi is a smart trash can that can recognize anything you throw away, helps sort between trash/recycle/compost, and curates a grocery list to be reordered through the service of your choosing.

Genie "kitchen in a box" is an automated computer controlled cooking system that cooks nutritious, clean , delicious, affordable food in under 3 minutes and at a push of a button.

Premium fuel-free solar ovens and solar cookers that are the ultimate in design, performance, and ease.

From sous vide immersion cookers to multi-purpose cookers and juicers; the team at Gourmia has taken input from numerous chefs and consumers to make their products the best in their category.

Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach is a leader in home household coffee solutions that makes café-style coffee on your own counter.

Innit is a connected food platform that partnered with Google to enable hands-free voice control, step-by-step guided cooking, and automated cook programs on a series of connected ovens and ranges.

Innohome provides intelligent safety for households with its wireless StoveGuard and Intelligent Heat Sensor.

Klove Chef
Klove Chef has a customizeable, voice-guided cooking assistant that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and also partners with retailers for voice-controlled grocery replenishment.

Lumen is a device and app that allows users to hack their metabolism, lose weight, get fit and learn about their nutrition in just one breath.

MASTRAD - meat it
MASTRAD’s meat it is a fully wireless cooking probe to help you keep track of your food even when you’re not in the kitchen.

Mellow is a smart sous-vide machine that can also cool your food, for ultimate convenience cooking.

Mixfit provides personalized nutrition based on your lifestyle, diet and exercise. The Mixfit Vue is a countertop machine that mixes and dispense a tasty vitamin drink designed to help fill essential nutritional gaps unique to each consumer.

Myxx, Inc.
Myxx is your Automated Kitchen assistant. We create Free Digital Recipe Kits, curate recipes and products based on your personal dietary needs, and keep track of what's in your pantry.

Nima Sensor
Nima is a portable connected food sensor which can test food for gluten or peanuts on-site.

Northfork technologies powering online grocers to offer consumers a faster, easier, and more inspirational to purchase through recipes and meal plans.

Automatic culinary processes and creating a network for health enthusiasts

Ovie is a connected kitchen storage solution that uses smart tags to keep track of your food and keep you updated on its freshness.

PicoBrew, Inc.
PicoBrew created the world's first automatic all-grain homebrewing appliance. At FoodTech Live they’ll be showcasing their automated homebrewery and micro distillation machines.

We are an online proof of concept, marketing and community growth tool, that leverages crowdfunding to make that happen.

The Ripple Maker instantly prints personalized designs on your most popular drinks, including coffee, beer, nitro brew and cocktails. 

Selffee - The Edible Photo Booth
Selffee is the world’s only experience where guests’ photos are taken, then printed directly to food and drink items on-the-spot, in real-time, at the event.

Silo is a revolutionary simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher, longer. Its patented one-touch vacuum technology combined with the IoT infrastructure (Alexa built-in!) ensures your farmers market finds and holiday leftovers last 2-5 times longer.

Smarter makes FridgeCam, the world's first camera that can retrofit into any fridge, turning it into a smart fridge.

Soggy Food Sucks LLC
Soggy Food Sucks founder has a patent for a patch that adheres onto takeaway food cartons to absorb condensation, thereby keeping food crisp and fresh-tasting while it’s in transit.

The Somabar robot bartender is designed to go where human bartenders can't. 

Thermomix combines 12 kitchen functions into one powerful, digitally enabled countertop appliance.

Yomee is the world’s first fully automatic yogurt maker. With its Keurig-like design, just add milk and a Yomee pod to enjoy fresh, healthy yogurt.

Zimplistic is the maker of Rotimatic, the world's first automatic flatbread making robot.

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