Smart Kitchen Summit Announces 15 Finalists for Food Tech Startup Competition + Campbell’s Partnership

Today we are excited to announce our 15 finalists for the 2017 Startup Showcase at this year's Smart Kitchen Summit.

Now entering our third year, SKS brings together the world's innovators across the home appliance, culinary, grocery, smart home/IoT and technology industries to explore and create the future together.

This year’s Startup Showcase will take place during the event, held on October 10-11, 2017 in Seattle. This year’s Startup Showcase + Pitchfest will be sponsored by the leading maker of soups and simple meals, beverages, snacks and packaged fresh foods, Campbell Soup Company. SKS provides a platform for exciting startups, inventors, culinary makers and cutting-edge product companies to showcase what they are working on and let others experience it firsthand.

Campbell will provide one winning startup – announced live at Smart Kitchen Summit – with a cash prize of $10,000 and the opportunity to be mentored by Campbell executives to further their ideas.

The finalists for this year’s Startup Showcase are:

AVA Technologies - AVA Byte is a pod-and-device smart electronic garden enabled by AI. Byte is intuitive to use and the first garden to grow microgreens and mushrooms alongside leafy greens and herbs. It is also the first to include truly smart tech including sensors that collect data and HD cameras that analyses visual inputs to help AVA learn how to grow plants better over time.

Bubble Lab – Maker of Drip, a precision engineered pour-over coffee machine that consistently delivers perfect cups of this ever popular, yet usually laborious brew. A smart automation solution that's perfect for busy cafes, with Drip baristas can create recipes, and customize parameters for each pour.

Camellia Labs - Chime is the world's first authentic chai brewer. Chime caps are packed with high grade black tea and organic spices packaged close to source to capture the aroma and freshness.

Chefling - Your smart kitchen assistant, Chefling keeps track of your ingredients using image recognition and receipt scanning, suggests delicious recipes based on those ingredients and automatically creates a shopping list with the other ingredients you need for that recipe. Users can purchase through retail partners right through our app and Chefling is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Crepe Robot – With one switch, the crepe robot can pour out the correct amount of dough onto a hot spinning plate and extend and bake the dough into a crepe. The crepe is then automatically moved to a prep station for additional fruit or filling.

eCooker – A kitchen appliance used to cook solid food homogenously in a short time at low temperatures, the eCooker doesn’t impact the nutrition of a food during cooking, preserving taste and texture. It requires no additional baking fat or oil and saves up to 50% of energy.

FreshFridge - FreshFridge is a wireless food storage system which monitors, records and transmits measurements inside containers to remotely networked devices, creating an accurate and automated log of exposure to temperature variations over time.

GammaChef - GammaChef is a robotic chef that can prepare any one pot meal. It is a pragmatic household appliance that is bringing 21st century technology into our kitchens with digital recipes baked in. Based on the recipe chosen, Gammachef will store, refrigerate, flavor, mix, heat and cook any meal with ease.

HOPii, Inc. – HOPii is the most sophisticated and intelligent craft beer brewing system, made to create your favorite breweries' craft beers at their best and freshest tasting conditions with a touch of a button. Simply put in the ingredient pods of your favorite brewery's craft beer into HOPii and press START.

KitchBot - KitchBot pairs online recipe content with 'Vulcan,’ the first and only device to instantly connect your kitchen without any modification. By simply plugging the appliance's power plug onto Vulcan and installed the temperature sensor, Vulcan gives your kitchen appliances temperature-controlled function with an online recipe app to directly control appliances.

Loki - The Loki Smart Meat Thermometer is the first in a line of Wi-Fi devices from Loki and is composed of the 'Loki Sphere', where the brains are housed and four 'Loki Smart Link' probes each of which measures both the temperature of the food being cooked and the ambient temperature of the barbeque, smoker or oven doing the cooking.

PantryChic - The PantryChic™ Store & Dispense System™ reinvents ingredient storage, recipe preparation and pantry organization by automatically dispensing the perfect amount of each ingredient directly from SmartCanisters™ into your bowl.

Pixsweet - is a brand-new platform that enables users to turn every pixel of the internet into ice pops. By combining intuitive software with a proprietary production process, Pixsweet delivers custom 3D ice pops in just a few clicks.

Stagg EKG – A Bluetooth enabled electric pour-over kettle with a beautiful design (featured at NY MoMA) and built with pro-level functionality, Stagg EKG+ is smart and contributes to a connected café or home coffee bar experience.

Verdical - Verdical provides a platform for growing food onsite. Each elegantly designed standing hydroponic gardening system uses horticultural LED's along with various sensors to make growing year-round as easy as inserting seed pods and pushing a button.

Don’t miss the chance to see these startups live along with leaders across smart home, kitchen tech and design, commerce, robotics, delivery and more on October 10 and 11 in Seattle. Register for tickets today and use code SPOON to get 25% off.