The Weekly Spoon: Juicero Layoffs, Reinventing The Vending Machine & SKS Heads to Japan

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It was another action packed week in the future of food and cooking.

News broke this past week that high profile cold-press juicing startup Juicero was to lay off 25% of its workforce. Company CEO Jeff Dunn acknowledged in a memo to employees that the company's pricing was too high and explained the need to cut costs as the company accelerated plans to move to its second generation juicer.  

It seems the startup hasn't quite fully recovered from a Bloomberg article this spring which focused on how the Juicero juice packs could be used without the machine. The article went viral, CEO Dunn's Medium post only seemed to add fuel to the fire.   

Restaurants are beginning to embrace robotics as a way to lower costs and eliminate tasks that could be hazardous for humans. But with worries about the millions of fast food jobs that often are a first stop for young employees beginning their careers, companies like Zume Pizza are taking a different path that embraces a 'cobot' culture emphasizing roles for those humans freed up from repetitive tasks taken by the bots. 

If you're like me, you've been disappointed at some point by the choices offered in your office vending machine. The good news is help is on the way. A new crop of startups are trying to reimagine the office vending machine by offering more high-tech purchase flow and fresher, healthier choices of what to eat. 

If you brew beer at home, there's a good chance you started with a Coopers Kit that utilizes extracts to allow you to skip the messy mashing stage of the brewing process.  Coopers, which is Australia's largest brewery, is bringing a new home beer brewing system to the US market after launching it in Australia last year. Their beer brewing system, which includes a beer brewer called the BeerDroid and a refrigerated dispensing system called the BeerFlo, gives market leader PicoBrew another competitor with deep pockets. 

We've got some exciting news on the Smart Kitchen Summit front: we're heading to Japan! That's right, I am very excited to be working with one of Japan's most renowned strategic consultancies in SigmaXYZ to bring the Smart Kitchen Summit to Tokyo on August 25th. Not only do we have some of Japan's biggest food and appliance players coming to discuss what they're up to, we're also bringing some of the west's most innovative companies to Tokyo to discuss their visions.  You can read my post about it here and visit the event page here where you can buy tickets.

Hey startups: are you planning on coming to the Smart Kitchen Summit? If you're working on an innovative new product that changes the way we think about food, cooking or the kitchen itself, you really shouldn't miss it.

Here's how to participate: apply to be a Startup Showcase Finalist (if you're early stage) or shoot us a note about startup sponsorship. We'll give you a few tickets and a table to show off your demo to industry execs, VCs and the press. 

And once again: Early bird tickets to SKS will be gone after July 31 and with a 25% coupon code for newsletter readers, now is the time to get registered. October will be here before we know it.

Have a great week.


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