The Weekly Spoon: The Battle for the Kitchen Screen

We've seen lots of big business plays in the month of June - Amazon moved further into the grocery space with the multi-billion dollar purchase of Whole Foods, Freshly saw a $77 million infusion from food giant Nestle and today, Blue Apron becomes the first meal delivery kit startup to go public.

Yesterday the company announced it had slashed its expected valuation, setting initial share offerings at $10-$11 as opposed to the previously speculated price points of $15-$17. We wanted to dig into the numbers on the S-1 filing a little more, so we sat down with data scientist and statistician Daniel McCarthy to look at Blue Apron's road to profitability.

And speaking of Amazon, the Amazon Echo Show - the touchscreen sister of the Alexa-powered smart speakers Echo and Echo Dot - started shipping. The early reviews are mixed but we wanted to explore what is shaping up to be a battle for the screens in our kitchens. I also take a look at how Amazon is playing a central role in efforts to transition recipes to fully immersive guided cooking platforms.

From fridges to countertops to AI assistants, we took a look at the myriad of ways companies are trying to own screen real estate in the kitchen. 

I had a chance to attend the FOODIT event this week in Mountain View and I had a robot prepared salad for lunch and took some video. I also had a chance to chat with Sally the robot's owner, Chowbotics CEO Deepak Sekar.

Speaking of restaurant and food service automation, the week before I was in New York and had a chance to drop into an Eatsa. I was impressed. You can read my thoughts on how Eatsa has created a new template for the future of fast casual. 

We have some really exciting innovators and disruptors coming to speak at the 2017 Smart Kitchen Summit so we're going to be highlighting some of those in a new SKS17 speaker series. This week we talked to America's Test Kitchen executive editor Lisa McManus about how her team thinks about the smart kitchen and technology's role in helping us cook better food.

And finally, while you're at it, check the early draft of our agenda. We have some amazing sessions on tap, and we continue to add new speakers and super insightful moderators to supercharge these conversations. Make sure to check back frequently!

If you want to hear Lisa and other incredible panelists at the Smart Kitchen Summit, use code NEWSLETTER to get 25% of your tickets.

Happy Fourth of July weekend!


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In the 06/29/2017 edition:

Allrecipes And Others Leveraging Amazon For Guided Cooking Efforts

By Michael Wolf on Jun 29, 2017 08:18 am
Allrecipes, one of the web’s original food and recipe pioneers, is making yet another move into the smart kitchen. And not surprisingly, the nearly twenty-year-old company has once again partnered up with crosstown online commerce giant and newly minted grocery store chain operator Amazon to do so. This week Allrecipes announced it is one of the first […]
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Watch Sally The Robot Make My Salad

By Michael Wolf on Jun 28, 2017 10:11 am
Yesterday at the FOODIT event in Mountain View, I had salad for lunch. Why I am telling you this? Because unlike any salad I’ve had before, this one was custom built for me by a robot named Sally. We’ve written about Sally before at the Spoon, but this is the first time I got to taste a […]
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Can Blue Apron Succeed? Five Questions With A Data Scientist Ahead of The IPO

By Ashley Daigneault on Jun 28, 2017 08:55 am
In some ways, the meal delivery kit craze was one of the ways people started to notice major disruption happening in our food system. Technology and connectivity are finally starting to penetrate the ways we grow, cook, manage, order and think about our food – so it is fitting that one of the major IPOs […]
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Lisa McManus Wants To Prevent Buyer’s Remorse In The Smart Kitchen

By Ashley Daigneault on Jun 27, 2017 02:59 pm
The Smart Kitchen Summit is the first event to tackle the future of food, cooking and the kitchen with leaders across food, tech, commerce, design, delivery and appliances. This series will highlight panelists and partners for the 2017 event, being held on October 10-11 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  America’s Test Kitchen has been helping people learn […]
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The Battle For The ‘Kitchen Screen’ Has Just Begun. Here’s The Leading Contenders

By Michael Wolf on Jun 26, 2017 06:54 am
Back in the year 2000, the world’s first Internet-connected refrigerator was introduced. Made by LG, the Digital DIOS came with a webcam, an Ethernet port and perhaps most importantly, an LCD touchscreen. The fridge was one of the first examples of an appliance with a digital screen created specifically for the consumer kitchen, but with a $20 thousand […]
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Behind The Bot: Meet Sure, A Chatbot That Recommends Instagram Food Hotspots

By Michael Wolf on Jun 23, 2017 11:13 am
While some people get downright grumpy when it comes to seeing food pics posted in their Facebook and Instagram feeds, I’m one of those that actually enjoys them. In fact, when I see someone showing off a tasty platter from a local restaurant on Instagram, I’ll often make a mental note to check that place out if it’s in my […]
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SKS17: Barilla Wants To Be The Expert On Food Science In The Smart Kitchen

By Ashley Daigneault on Jun 23, 2017 07:04 am
The Smart Kitchen Summit is the first event to tackle the future of food, cooking and the kitchen with leaders across food, tech, commerce, design, delivery and appliances. This series will highlight panelists and partners for the 2017 event, being held on October 10-11 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  When you think about technology and innovation, the […]
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I Ate At Eatsa. Now I’m Convinced It’s The Future of Fast Casual Dining

By Michael Wolf on Jun 22, 2017 10:22 am
Like most everyone, one of the reasons I love going to New York City is the food. And after all, why not? The variety is endless, and every meal brings a chance to eat somewhere (and something) amazing. In just one three-day trip to the Big Apple this week, I got to eat  dinner at America’s best pasta restaurant, […]
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Samsung’s Latest Smart Fridge Is Here

By Ashley Daigneault on Jun 20, 2017 03:22 pm
Samsung's showing off the next generation Family Hub smart fridge at an event in cooperation with the Smart Kitchen Summit in NYC.
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Small but Powerful: Automating the Smart Kitchen with the Raspberry Pi

By Sam Dean on Jun 19, 2017 08:58 am
Ever since the first credit-card sized model was released in 2012, the Raspberry Pi line of sub-$100 Linux devices has defied all expectations. Its owners have chained the devices together to construct powerful supercomputers and used single devices to drive home automation and security systems. The Raspberry Pi is also a great way to inexpensively […]
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