The Weekly Spoon for 05/05/17 : Whirlpool Acquires Yummly: PicoBrew Seeks Kickstarter Record; Scripps Scoops Up Food Media Startup

This was the week of acquisitions in the smart kitchen and food media space, capped off by the news that appliance giant Whirlpool acquired food and recipe website Yummly

Whirlpool has spent the last several years working out a smart kitchen strategy, first partnering with food data platform startup Innit and then pivoting to pursue its own technology ecosystem. At CES, the company announced new interactive features to its connected appliances and Yummly's database of recipe content will certainly help make these offerings more robust. 

Interestingly, the Whirlpool/Yummly deal demonstrates how messy the early stage of a market can be, with various players shuffling around from Whirlpool, Innit, Yummly and previously acquired by Yummly startup Orange Chef. Our piece on the deal is worth a read.

Also not to be missed in this week's newsletter is more acquisition news: Scripps Network, owner of Food Network, Cooking Channel and HGTV, scooped up food media startup Spoon University

In other startup news, Smart Kitchen Summit 2016 Startup Showcase alum Flatev successfully raised over $130k to bring their artisanal tortilla maker to life and PicoBrew added another stretch goal to try and become the largest food Kickstarter in history.

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Whirlpool Buys Yummly In Effort To Bolster Smart Kitchen Strategy

By Michael Wolf on May 04, 2017 10:06 am
This week Whirlpool announced their intention to acquire Yummly, one of the Internet’s biggest food and recipe sites. The acquisition comes as part of Whirlpool’s effort to accelerate its development for the smart kitchen of the future. At CES this year, the company announced new cooking automation features for its lineup of smart appliances, including […]
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Flatev Extends Expert Tortilla Making to the Masses

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Scripps Networks Buys Online Food Content Startup Spoon University

By Ashley Daigneault on May 03, 2017 02:36 pm
Scripps Network acquires online food content platform Spoon University for an undisclosed sum to push further into the digital media space.
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PicoBrew Adds PicoFerm In Effort To Become #1 Food Kickstarter

By Michael Wolf on May 02, 2017 07:45 am
Today PicoBrew announced a new stretch goal in an effort to become the #1 food Kickstarter campaign of all time.  The new goal features the PicoFerm, a web-connected fermentation monitor that lets brewers monitor the status of their fermenting beer. The reigning food champ is Anova, which has held the top spot ever since its highly successful Kickstarter […]
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