The Weekly Spoon: Echo Show Is The New Kitchen Computer, The Microwave Turns 50 and Microsoft Unveils Echo Competitor

Amazon turned heads in the smart home market by dominating the space in 2016 with Alexa and has turned its sights to cameras. In a matter of weeks, the company has the Echo Show, the new Alexa-powered device with a touchscreen and built-in camera and Echo Look, the personal stylist with a selfie cam. But beyond adding cameras to our homes, what's Amazon up to?

We take a look at the implications of Echo Show as a kitchen computer, with touch, voice and video integrated to deliver powerful Alexa skills that compliment kitchen needs. Don't miss our full analysis on the Show's implications for the most popular room in the house.

Speaking of Echo, Microsoft finally unveiled their answer to Amazon and Google's voice AI devices in the form of a speaker partnership with Harman Kardon. Invoke, a smart speaker manufactured by the audio brand will feature Microsoft's voice AI platform Cortana and a native Skype integration. Check out our piece on Invoke and what to watch for next in the space.

Happy 50th Birthday Microwave! Did you know the most beloved and perhaps outdated kitchen appliance was middle-aged? Here's why it probably won't live to be 100 - and what is likely to replace it.

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In the 05/12/2017 edition:

PicoBrew Surpasses Anova To Become Top Food Kickstarter Campaign Of All Time

By Michael Wolf on May 12, 2017 07:43 am
With just one day to go, PicoBrew’s latest Kickstarter campaign surpassed Anova to become the top campaign of all time in the food category. The company’s Pico C campaign reached $1.812 million to eclipse Anova’s $1.811 million campaign for the Anova’s 2014 Precision Cooker campaign.  The company announced the milestone in a livestream update on the […]
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Entrepreneur Hopes To Transform Shanghai Into Food Startup Hub

By Ashley Daigneault on May 12, 2017 06:19 am
China’s middle class is changing and with that change comes emerging differences in the way their population consumes food. This week Fast Company introduced the new food tech accelerator, Bits x Bites – the first of its kind in China – and how it’s looking to help shape the nation’s food and agricultural systems. According […]
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Alchema Brews Up An IoT Approach to Home Fermentation

By Allen Weiner on May 10, 2017 06:08 am
The world has discovered hard cider. With annual sales skyrocketing and a continual parade of newcomers entering the market, cider is having its moment. The sudden popularity of this age-old alcoholic beverage is a convergence of three popular food trends–interest in fermented foods, understanding of probiotic’s health benefits and DIY driven by new technology. At […]
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Here’s Why The Echo Show Is Amazon’s Kitchen Computer

By Michael Wolf on May 09, 2017 09:45 pm
Two years after rumors first surfaced about a top secret Amazon project to develop a kitchen computer, today we may finally have a hint of what the company had in mind when rumors first surfaced in August 2015. Not that Amazon is calling the Echo Show a kitchen computer since, after all, the new device can […]
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Microsoft Unveils Echo Competitor Powered By Cortana

By Lauren Knope on May 09, 2017 02:43 pm
Microsoft is not necessarily a leader in the smart home these days, trailing Samsung, Apple and Google in platforms and hardware offerings and instead focusing on other core offerings. But as the Amazon Echo and then Google Home voice assistants jumped onto the scene, the tech world speculated about whether Apple and Microsoft would put […]
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Happy 50th Birthday, Microwave. Here’s Why You Won’t Make It To 100

By Michael Wolf on May 09, 2017 08:54 am
Happy 50th birthday, microwave oven. This year, the ubiquitous cooking box born out of an accidental discovery by a Ratheon military researcher has reached the half century mark, and as the last new cooking appliance category to become indispensable in nearly every American home, it’s certainly a milestone worth celebrating. However, there are signs that the fast-cook workhorse […]
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Google Hopes Investment in AgTech Bears Fruit

By Allen Weiner on May 06, 2017 08:39 am
Google and Apple together in an investment deal? Wait, it appears to be Google and apples—as in the fruit. GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) is among those leading an investment round for Abundant Robotics, a Hayward, Calif.-based company whose robotic apple-picking machine has gained a lot of interest from the agricultural and financial sectors. […]
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