The Weekly Spoon: Innit Buys Shopwell, Cooking With Facebook Bot, Panasonic's Smart Kitchen, Bonaverde Ships

A few years ago, I uninstalled Facebook on my phone because I was tired of the barrage of notifications that came with the social network app. After all, the social net was already doing all it could to distract me at my desk, so why would I need it distracting me while I was away from it?

But last night, Facebook found its way back onto my Android device in the form of Facebook Messenger. What was the reason to risk more distraction?

Cooking, (un?) naturally. 

In case you didn't know it, Facebook's Messenger bot is the underlying platform beneath ChefSteps' new conversational cooking bot. I had cooked with Alexa, an integration ChefSteps had announced last fall, but I wanted to see what it was look to use my social network to make steak. 

So, was the steak worth having Facebook on my phone? While it was definitely tasty, I'd say (for me at least), not quite yet. It's definitely early for Facebook cooking, and there are many instances where I'd rather just use the Joule app or Alexa. That said, I have to admit I was impressed with the ease and intuitiveness of use an AI bot as a cooking interface and can see it being useful once it matures through more exposure and learning from customers in the field.

You can read my write up of my Steak-by-Facebook experience here, as well as read more about how foodbots are becoming ever more important in the world of food.

And it's not just bots of the virtual variety that are becoming a bigger part of our lives. I caught up with the VP of technology for iRobot to talk about the evolution of home robots, including those in the kitchen, in our most recent episode of the Smart Home Show.

Also, big news last week on the smart kitchen front, with Innit buying Shopwell to extend their reach into grocery stores in an effort to create an end-to-end platform for food and cooking. Read the details here.

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