One of Croatia's Biggest Packaged Food Companies Just Invested In A Robot Chef Startup

Late last year, one of Croatia’s biggest packaged food conglomerates, Podravka, invested in a robotic home chef startup called GammaChef.

It’s an interesting move for such a storied company. Podravka, which was founded in 1934, started as a fruit factory before eventually becaming nationalized as part of Yugoslavia in 1947. With the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, Croatia gained independence and soon the company was privatized. Now, nearly 80 years after its founding, the company has invested in its first startup, a robotic home cooking company.

What about this robotic cooking startup did Podravka find interesting? Find out over at The Spoon where we interviewed GammaChef's CEO, Dražen Drnas.

Mike WolfComment