Announcing Our Startup Showcase Finalists

We are thrilled to announce the finalists for the Smart Kitchen Summit Startup Showcase. These finalists, which came from over one hundred submissions, were selected by our judges based on product vision, execution and market potential.

These products will be on display on October 5th at the opening reception of the Smart Kitchen Summit as part of the Startup Showcase.  From there our judges and attendees will select their favorite, and the winner of the Showcase will be announced at the end of day on October 6th. Our judges included celebrity chef Art Smith, CNET's Ashlee Clark Thompson, Allrecipes Esmée Williams, Upfront Ventures Kevin Zhang and Amazon's Carmen Nestares.

Alchema: A connected cider maker. Alchema can turn fruit into alcohol using your phone effortlessly. 

Bartesian: A cocktail system that uses capsule tech to craft professional cocktails at a push of a button (Nespresso for cocktails).

Cluck:  cluck is a patent-pending  temperature sensor and timer that works with your smartphone to monitor the food you are preparing. cluck gives you the peace of mind that when you're distracted or step away from the kitchen, the device and app will tell you when to come back.  

Cuciniale: Cuciniale makes intelligent cooktops (portable and built-in) in combination with a guided cooking enables everybody to perfectly cook with just a few finger taps. Heat and cooking time is optimally set according to the automatically detected key food and cookware properties.

Dovetailed: The nūfood 3D food printer is a kitchen appliance that brings fine dining experiences to homes at the click of a button. nūfood uses liquid materials, which no other 3D printer can handle. Inspired by molecular gastronomy, it works by creating small juicy spheres that connect together to form a 3D shape that can be served to accessorise a dish, or be consumed on its own. The machine works with both sweet and savoury liquids. All aspects can be personalised, from the shape or size of an object to its texture and flavour combinations.

Everblume: everblume is a fully automated smart appliance. Simply add water and nutrients, select the type of plant(s) that you would want to grow from the drop-down menu, add the seed(s), and "Just Press Grow".

Flatev: a Keurig for tortillas.  The Flatev uses a pod system to create fresh, natural, and organic tortillas, flatbreads, and more on demand.

Inirv: Inirv React is an intelligent safety device for the kitchen that uses a combination of sensors and electronics to prevent house fires by turning stoves off before hazardous situations arise.

Nima: Nima is a discreet and portable sensor that detects gluten in food in just a few minutes. Tests for peanut and milk are in development for expected release in 2017.

Oliver: Oliver is an internet-connected automatic cooking device that pair with a smartphone app. It has pre-programmed recipes that the user can select from. Once a recipe is selected, the app will guide the users through the needed ingredients, and how to load them into the 7 designated canisters in Oliver. As soon as all the ingredients are loaded, the user can command Oliver to cook using the smartphone app.

SproutsIO: SproutsIO grows fruits and vegetables indoors, year round with an app-controlled system that learns from you. Enjoy the benefits of a garden controlled from your mobile device where you live, work, and play. The SproutsIO lifestyle integrates a growing device, seed disc renewables, and software services, delivering a seamless user experience for growing Personal Produce™

TasteTro: The TasteTro Spice System is an automated kitchen companion that delivers mouth-watering blends and individual spices at the touch of a button. Easy to prepare meal recipes from TasteTro’s app and website apply flavorful spice blends to a wide assortment of snacks and meals including meat and vegetables, popcorn, smoothies, salad dressings and baked goods.

Tovala: Tovala is a smart oven and food-delivery plan that work together so you can enjoy home cooking at the touch of a single button. The Tovala steams, bakes, broils, and convection heats just like combination ovens that professional chefs rely on. Our delicious Tovala Meals are curated by master chefs, made from scratch, and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Just scan your meal’s barcode and press start, and in 10 to 30 minutes your meal comes out freshly cooked and ready to eat.

Voltaire: Voltaire is the world’s first high-performance portable burr coffee grinder. An IoT-connected sensing platform and smartphone app allow users to measure coffee bean freshness and receive replenishment alerts or auto-replenish when it’s time for fresh beans. Voltaire’s high-performance LiFePO4 batteries will last through over 3lbs of beans and hold a charge for up to three weeks. This is seriously smart coffee.

Ztove: Ztove presents the intelligent induction cooktop & cookware of the future. We employ sensors in the cookware, very precise temperature control in the cooktop, and recipes and intuitive control in the App (iPad/iPhone/Android).

One of the things we discovered at last year's Smart Kitchen Summit is people really love to see innovation happening in the kitchen and cooking ecosystem first hand. We are excited to showcase some of the most exciting new products  in the kitchen ecosystem across cooking, beverages, health & wellness and other areas. 

If you are interested in seeing these companies at the Edgewater Hotel at the opening reception for the Smart Kitchen Summit, you can purchase tickets here.