Smart Kitchen Notes: Innit World Premiere, Guided Cooking, Cold Coffee, Cinder Nears Production

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  • Innit's World Premiere Caps Off Busy 1H2016
  • The Emergence of Guided Cooking Systems
  • GE/FirstBuild's Latest Crowdfunding Effort: ColdBrew Coffee
  • Pantelligent's AutoPilot Feature Debuts With Help From Belkin WeMo
  • Cinder Edges Towards Production
  • Smart Kitchen Summit Welcomes New Media Partners 

The Smart Kitchen Summit is just over four months away, and there is lot's happening around the future of the kitchen.  Innit, the company creating a 'kitchen operating system', launched a smart kitchen showcase at the new Pirch flagship store in SoHo and will be having a world premiere in mid-June to cap off a busy first half of 2016. 

On the appliance manufacturer side, we're seeing the continued growth of a trend where large manufacturers such as GE and Whirlpool create hardware incubators and utilize crowdfunding to test new hardware concepts.  GE is launching a new effort around a cold brew coffee system and Whirlpool just launched a campaign for a beer fermenter - yes a beer fermenter - on Indiegogo. 

Another area we're keeping our eye on is the continued fast growth in precision cooking categories such as sous vide, as well as the emergence of a possible new appliance category that merges precision cooking, visual guidance, modular cookware and sensor systems into what we are calling guided cooking systems.

All that and some quick updates on Pantelligent, Cinder and more. 

On you missed out on early-early bird tickets, don't worry. You can still get early bird tickets through July here. We're also super excited to welcome some great media partners and we've got an update below. Lastly, if you're interested in sponsoring the summit, please contact us and let us know more. 

With Mid-June 'World Premiere' at Pirch NYC, Innit To Cap Off Busy First Half of 2016

Since last November when Innit's cofounders got on stage at the Smart Kitchen Summit and lifted the curtain on the company and its mission to provide a "kitchen operating system", the Silicon Valley based startup has slow-dripping information about the company's technology through a series of press interviews and demos. But only now, with the opening of Pirch's New York City flagship store - where Innit and Pirch have partnered to create a smart kitchen showcase - can the world really see the technology on display. And, later this month,  we'll have even more info about what the company is up to later and how their technology works when they discuss it at a "World Premiere" invite only event for press and invited guests at the Pirch SoHo showroom. Read More

Meet Guided Cooking Systems, A New Kitchen Appliance Category

When I got back from the Housewares Show in March, I wrote about what I saw as a new trend emerging in the form of what I was calling "Guided Cooking Systems". At the show, I had talked to three upstarts creating new products that didn't seem to fit into any existing cooking category. Sure, these products combined we had identified as some of the hotter trends in the future kitchen overall - like connectivity, induction heating, app-driven control and guidance - but it was the combination of the three that made me think we had something. 

When you think about traditional appliances, whether it's something as simple as an electric skillet to the more advanced multi-cookers coming to market in the last few years, one unifying characteristic is that these appliances are completely self-contained products. Sure, microwaves and large appliances such as wall ovens or ranges have all started to incorporate connectivity and more advanced computing technology, but even with these advances these products are still usually about the one device. Read More

GE's FirstBuild To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For Cold Brew Coffee System This Summer

One of the most interesting and exciting trends in the connected home and in the smart kitchen is the emergence of big-company backed hardware incubators using crowdfunding to test market viability for new product concepts. GE has been the most visible with FirstBuild, which had successful campaigns for its Paragon induction cooking system and its Opal Nugget Ice Maker last year.

But it looks like GE's FirstBuild isn't done. The incubator has teed up an Indiegogo campaign for its Prisma cold brew coffee system this summer, its third crowdfunding effort for a new kitchen appliance category. The system doesn't yet have any pricing or specific timelines, but I am admit I'm pretty excited to see a consumer cold brew coffee system coming out of FirstBuild. Read More

Quick Takes

Pantelligent Releases AutoPilot

Pantelligent's AutoPilot Feature

Pantelligent's AutoPilot Feature

We missed this one earlier, but are excited to see Pantelligent's latest update called AutoPilot. The software upgrade works with the sensor-enabled pan, a compatible countertop burner (they are recommending the Waring SB-30 portable burner)  and compatible Belkin WeMo power switches to enable automated cooking. Together with the AutoPilot software upgrade, the Pantelligent is effectively creating what is a cooking system that enables some level of cooking automation.  According to the manual, the user will turn the burner to maximum, but through AutoPilot the burner will be given the exact heat through the Belkin WeMo connected switch.  

Cinder Edges Towards Production, Shipping Planned in Few Months

Exploded CAD view of Cinder Cooker 

Exploded CAD view of Cinder Cooker 

Cinder, the next-gen cooking appliance that came out of Y Combinator a few years ago and has been slowly making it's way towards production is getting pretty close. One a recent blog post, the company wrote how its finalized the design and is moving onto tooling. The company also said in the same post it will begin shipping the product in a few months.

Interestingly, the company has dropped the price on the Cinder from its original $499 to a $249 pre-order price, with a planned retail price of $299. That's a significant drop of $200 from just a year ago when it was discussing its plans.

Smart Kitchen Summit News

We are officially just 4 months away from the 2016 Summit and are excited to welcome an extraordinary group of media partners to this year’s event. In just the last few weeks, we've added USA Today's, Digital Trends and Retail Observer. We’re excited to partner with great publications and media groups serving a diverse range of audiences, from consumer tech to retailers, and from home and lifestyle to smart home. We look forward to working with them to spread the word about the Smart Kitchen Summit and companies involved in the space as we head into the summer. If you’re interested in becoming a media partner for the Smart Kitchen Summit, contact for more information.

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