With Mid-June 'World Premiere' at Pirch NYC, Innit To Cap Off Busy First Half of 2016

Innit cofounders Eugenio Minvielle and Kevin Brown at Pirch SoHo

Innit cofounders Eugenio Minvielle and Kevin Brown at Pirch SoHo

Since last November when Innit's cofounders got on stage at the Smart Kitchen Summit and lifted the curtain on the company and its mission to provide a "kitchen operating system", the Silicon Valley based startup has slow-dripping information about the company's technology through a series of press interviews and demos. But only now, with the opening of Pirch's New York City flagship store - where Innit and Pirch have partnered to create a smart kitchen showcase - can the world really see the technology on display. And, later this month,  we'll have even more info about what the company is up to later and how their technology works when they discuss it at a "World Premiere" invite only event for press and invited guests at the Pirch SoHo showroom.

The Innit display at Pirch, which helps visualize a "kitchen from the future", is heavy on touch screen interfaces that showcase the visual guidance portion of the Innit platform in both the designated prep and cooking areas. The display also showcases other parts of the company's technology such as smart fridges and ovens powered by Innit software and associated sensors.

What makes this partnership interesting is Innit is not a consumer-facing brand, but instead a B2B company that targets appliance manufacturers with the end-goal of getting these companies to build their products using the Innit platform.  In a sense, we see the Pirch partnership as one which achieves the dual benefit for Innit of raising awareness among appliance makers by working with one of the most forward leaning big appliance retailers in the market today in Pirch, as well as creating greater end-user awareness and demand for the Innit platform and for smart kitchen technology more broadly. 

Beyond the Pirch partnership, the company's been fairly busy adding senior members to its advisor and senior employee ranks. Earlier this year, the company added former White House Chef Sam Kass as its Chief Consumer Experience Officer. Late last year, they added the former Minister of Health for Mexico and University of Miami professor Julio Frenk.

In addition to adding to its exec and advisor team, the company has been busy courting both appliance manufacturers as well as talking to food and product brands. The ability to understand cooking behavior as well as optimize cooking parameters for consumers based on their specific home appliances holds some significant appeal for food brands in particular since, prior to connected cooking technologies such as those from Innit, they've had no granular visibility in the home and what consumers are using to cook their food. That could all change as companies like Innit look to bridge that divide. 

We expect to hear even more about the company's business later this month when we attend the Innit "World Premiere" event at Pirch on June 16th, where the company is holding an invite-only event to talk about the company's technology and strategy for press and partners. Check back after that event for interviews and analysis.

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