SideChef Wants To Set The Standard For The Smart Kitchen

Imagine you pull up a guided cooking app and choose a steak and roasted vegetable recipe. The app tells the oven to preheat for the veggies, and your connected scale prompts you to weigh out the recipe’s ingredients. Your sous vide cooker begins to heat the pot of water to the exact temp needed to cook the perfect sirloin. You use one app, and one platform to walk through the recipe and control your entire cooking experience. Sound futuristic? This is the kitchen SideChef hopes to create.

SideChef, the guided recipe app that gives you “turn-by-turn” instructions as you cook is now setting its sights on the rest of the kitchen and how everything in it is connected. Working with a number of unnamed device makers in the kitchen space, the company hopes to craft a new “smart kitchen platform that communicates culinary commands appliances and devices for a hands-free cooking approach.

Still early in its development, the smart kitchen already suffers a bit from the same ailment as the rest of the smart home: too many apps and platforms. While each device, appliance and app serve their respective purpose, there remains a fragmented nature to each and no simple way to integrate them together. SideChef wants to change all that by allowing kitchen tools and guided recipes to talk directly to the appliances and gadgets doing the cooking, syncing processes such as pre-heating, ingredient measurements and temp control.

SideChef plans to work with brands in the smart kitchen to incorporate a unified technology into their products. “'Consumers will see a compatible with SideChef' indicator or similar logo that will allow them to know it is compatible with SideChef's step-by-step app guidance and recipe database,” commented Kevin Yu, SideChef CEO. Still early in its development, the company plans to work with the two dominant protocols in the smart kitchen today, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and define the communication processes between devices as well as exploring new ideas on how to streamline the process.

When asked about a timeline, Yu reiterated the early stage nature of the efforts. “Our engineers are ready to work with appliance teams to best integrate with the SideChef app, in a very custom way.” Yu believes this platform is a natural extension of the core SideChef mission to “allow anyone to cook” - and connecting recipes with the devices we use to cook them is one step closer to making this a reality.

Mike WolfComment