Smart Kitchen Notes: SKS16 Pics are Here, Teforia Raises $12 Mil, SideChef Launches CHiP

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In This Edition...

  • SKS16 Pics
  • SideChef announces CHiP, a smart cookie oven
  • Teforia infused with $12 Million series A
  • Juicero's Doug Evans hands CEO reigns to Coca-Cola exec
  • Interview with culinary madman & inventor, Dave Arnold
  • Wall Street Journal's Wilson Rothman on the future of cooking
  • Hands-on with the Nima gluten sensor
  • What does the Mirai botnet attack mean for the smart kitchen?
  • Amazon announces 60 new Dash button partners

The Smart Kitchen Summit was only a month ago, but we've already seen lots of action in the connected kitchen since Seattle including new funding for Teforia, SideChef launching their own hardware and a new CEO at Juicero.

But first, let's talk pics. We knew we wanted to document our second annual Summit with photos, and that's why we tapped the talents of two amazing photographers. The first is Pinar Ozger, who not only is the go-to photographer for events from the likes of Gigaom, but also is an award-winning documentarian. Pinar captured the main conference day and you can find all those pics here. 

The Startup Showcase was photographed by the talented Heather Colwill, a good friend who I knew would capture the excitement on display through the 15 innovative startups who participated in the event. 

We also have started to post videos of the sessions over at the Spoon and we'll keep putting up new content over the next couple weeks.Check those out here.

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Now for the news:

SideChef Continues Expansion Efforts With CHiP Cookie Oven

SideChef is having a busy year. In April they announced their intention to move beyond a cooking app to create a smart kitchen software platform for hardware makers. Then came the hire of former DACOR President, Steve Joseph, as their Chief Product Officer. Then came a partnership with Chef’d to create chef-curated meal delivery service.

Tea Startup Teforia Gets $12 Million Infusion In Series A Round

Last year at the inaugural Smart Kitchen Summit, there was a small team gathered around a high-top round table pouring delicious tea for Summit attendees. Their startup, Teforia, was still relatively unknown, having officially introduced itself only a week earlier. A few months later, Teforia announced a $5.1 million seed funding round and began the work of evangelizing the magic its technology was attempting to bring to tea drinkers everywhere. Accepting around 500 pre-orders to early backers, the company is now about to start early shipping and has just announced a $12 million Series A round led by Translink Capital.

Juicero’s Doug Evans On Why Now Was The Right Time To Step Down As CEO

Less than two weeks after he appeared on stage at the Smart Kitchen Summit, Juicero’s Doug Evans made a splash last week by announcing he was stepping down as the company’s CEO and handing the day to day reigns of his high profile connected juicer company to former Coca-Cola North America President Jeff Dunn. Evans will remain Chairman of the company and focus on building strategic relationships.

Interview With the Greats: Dave Arnold on Innovation in the Kitchen

Dave Arnold never stops. The fortysomething owner of Manhattan cocktail bar Booker & Dax is exactly the kind of madman inventor that we need to push the food world forward, and lucky for us, he’s always working on a cool project. Even luckier, he always wants to tell you all about it.

Wall Street Journal’s Wilson Rothman Talks About The Future of Cooking

As the personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, it’s Wilson Rothman’s job to write about the technology that impacts consumers in their everyday life. Whether e-readers, Macbooks, or new mobile phones, if it’s a popular consumer platform, chances are Rothman has covered it.

Hands On With The Nima Gluten Free Sensor

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder over a year ago, I dove into researching how I could be proactive. What kinds of vitamins, foods, exercises could I take on to stave off the effects of the disease and remain a healthy thirty-something mom with a busy job and personal life? It didn’t take long to discover that things like gluten and dairy were among the top triggers of inflammation in the body. I began the process of removing them from my daily diet.

An Explainer: The Impact of The Mirai Botnet Attack On The Smart Kitchen

Last week, one of the worst fears of Internet of Things (IoT) industry insiders was realized when someone took advantage of security holes in connected devices like netcams and home routers to create a botnet attack on popular websites like Twitter and Soundcloud.

Amazon Announces The PoopBag Button (And 59 More Brands) As Dash Continues To Grow

If you think Amazon is betting the future entirely on the voice interface, think again. That’s because despite a huge bet on Alexa and all things voice, the company is also ensuring our homes will be filled with lots of new physical interfaces in the future, especially those tailored towards replenishing our cupboards and closets with everything from toilet paper to garbage bags.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for updates in the coming month on SKS17 and other events.

- Michael Wolf

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