President of Williams-Sonoma To Speak at the Smart Kitchen Summit

One of the biggest challenges for emerging technology is convincing consumers there are new and often better ways to do things. This challenge is doubly hard in the kitchen, where traditions and practices are passed down from generation to generation and, at times, new technologies just seem to complicate things.

This is why retailers are so important to the future of the connected kitchen. Understanding how to demonstrate value for new technologies while also preserving traditions that consumers cherish will be one of the biggest tasks for the industry moving forward, and retailers will be on the front lines blazing the trail for the rest of us. 

One of the things we'll be talking about at the Smart Kitchen Summit is how to sell the connected kitchen, and for this reason we're thrilled to welcome Janet Hayes, the President of Williams-Sonoma, to our event on November 5th. Janet will join Jeffery Sears of Pirch and Matt Furlong of Amazon in a panel moderated by Richard Gunther, editor for the Digital Media Zone and host of Home: On.  

You can read more about Janet here

Mike WolfComment