Smart Kitchen Notes: Hoover Wizard Wi-Fi Appliances, Freshub-NCR Kitchen Commerce Partnership

Here at Smart Kitchen Summit we're busy finalizing our agenda and getting great speakers (check out our lineup here), but we're also keeping an eye on the news in the connected kitchen space. Here's what happened last week:

Hoover Europe Debuts WiFi Appliance Lineup

Candy Hoover, a large multi brand manufacturer of home appliances, officially launched a line of connected home appliances last week in London under the brand Hoover Wizard. The lineup, which it announced in April and includes a dishwasher, fridge, oven and washing machine is expected to ship in August.

Hoover is a multinational European brand (Hoover Europe split from Hoover USA in 1993 and was subsequently acquired by Candy.  Unlike Hoover USA, - which is mainly known for its vacuum cleaners - Hoover Europe sells a wide variety of home appliances 

The Hoover Wizard Wi-Fi appliance product line isn't the first lineup of connected appliances from Candy, The product line looks similar to a lineup to that of a product under the company's Candy subsidiary called simply-Fi. 

This news is interesting because it marks a fairly aggressive approach by a large appliance manufacturer to create an entire line of products across multiple brands.  Candy Hoover is one of Europe's biggest appliance makers, and while others like Bosch and Haier have been making noise about smart appliances, Candy Hoover looks like it may have the most comprehensive lineup so far of the European appliance manufacturers.

You can see the Hoover Wizard concept video below:

Freshub Integrates with NCR's RetailOne

Big news out of the kitchen commerce world last week. Freshub, which makes a kitchen commerce platform, announced it had integrated with NCR and its retail platform for third party applications and services, RetailOne.

As many know, NCR is one of the largest point of retail sale technology providers in the world. The company's RetailOne is their full-stack platform for integration with a variety of third party technology offerings across a variety of points of sale - what they call omnichannel. With it's partnership with Freshub, omnichannel also now includes the kitchen itself.  

Freshub's technology is an embeddable commerce platform that integrates with appliances.  Now with a partnership with NCR, Freshub now can tie into those retailers, CPG and appliance brands that are already partners with NCR. Conversely, NCR partners can now start building kitchen commerce services tied to their products. 

The kitchen commerce space has started to heat up this year, first with the debut of Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service and now with a large POS provider in NCR entering the market. If you are interested in hearing more about this space, Freshub CEO Iri Zohar will be a speaker at the Smart Kitchen Summit in November.

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