Congratulations to Tielsa, Winner of the First Annual Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff

Trophy - Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff

The Smart Kitchen Summit and NextMarket Insights is proud to announce Tielsa as the winner of the first annual Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff. Tielsa, a company from Pfullendorf Germany, won the highest aggregated score from our panel of judges. Tielsa makes a smart kitchen platform that integrates directly into countertops, cabinetry and more to enable a variety of interesting futuristic living, cooking and life use-cases. The company already has partnerships with Bosch, Intel, Philips, Miele and more.

The judging panel included the following experts: J. Kenji López-Alt (Serious Eats), Eric Klein (Lemnos Labs), Stacey Higginbotham (Fortune Magazine, Internet of Things Podcast), Ryan Vinyard (Highway1). 

The judging panel used four main criteria to evaluate the competitors:  

  • Team (15 points) - Does the team have the 'right stuff' to build/execute on what they're proposing?
  • Vision (10 points) - How big is the idea? Will it have an impact on the way we eat in the future?
  • Market (10 points) - Is there a big/profitable market for what they're doing? Do they have a sense of how they'll reach that market?
  • Product - Innovation + Tech (15 points) - Do they have something unique that's hard to replicate? Is there anything defendable about what they're doing? Does it have a compelling design or experience?

After aggregating their individual scores, Tielsa was determined the winner. The other finalists for the Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff included SmartyPans, SproutsIO, ChefLabs, Caspo, Tocsin and Tam. 

"I want to congratulate Tielsa on winning the first Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff," said Michael Wolf, creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit and founder of NextMarket Insights. "With their innovative and holistic approach to the connected kitchen and early market tradition, I think they've set a high bar for future competitors in the Cookoff and I can't wait to see what's in store for them."

You can watch the entire Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff below (and watch all sessions from SKS 2015 here) and learn more about Tielsa on their website here

We want to thank Brian Frank for coordinating the Smart Kitchen Startup Cookoff.