Meet Madhuri Eunni, CEO of SKE Labs

As part of an ongoing series, we are sharing insights from one of our speakers about the opportunities and challenges the industry faces while also hearing a little about how they got started. Today's Q&A is with Madhuri Eunni, CEO of SKE Labs who will speak on the panel, 'The Quantified Kitchen', which will look at connected appliances, big data, smart storage and more will change what we know about food and nutrition. You can read more about Madhuri here.

EunniMadhuri Eunni, SKE Labs

What problem is your company trying to solve that current kitchen or food industry technology doesn’t?
Eunni: There is no easy way to understand what we are consuming and what it means to our health without constant measuring or typing into an app. That’s not always the best user experience. With a smart jar like Neo we take away those extra steps and bring a whole new level of interactivity with food.
Tell us about an important ‘origin story’ moment in creating your product or founding the company. 
Eunni: Eating breakfast! I’ve always wondered what daily breakfast meant in terms of calories, protein intake, weather it was balanced enough etc. It seemed like this information should be easily available to us. But it wasn’t.  Then it occurred we should be using technology to answer this and many more questions about our health and nutrition by measuring consumption and food quality automatically.
What’s the most exciting aspect about the fusion of technology and kitchen for you?
Eunni: Seeing how it influences and transforms our habits for the better. Makes us more aware, makes it easier to pick the right choices.

What is the biggest potential pitfall do you believe the smart kitchen industry need to avoid to realize its potential?
Eunni: The challenge is to make technology intelligent yet invisible at the same time. For example - I’d love for my milk jar to reorder milk whenever it’s running out without bothering me. But my local store doesn't do home delivery. Now I have this smart kitchen, it knows I'm out of milk but it can't do much other than sending me reminders. So it’s not enough to build just a smart kitchen – we need to build an ecosystem that can support a smart kitchen.

What do you think will be the biggest change technology will bring to the kitchen and foodtech space over the next 10 years?
Eunni: We anticipate a shift in the way people shop for food. On-demand will lead the way. But more importantly there will be a fundamental change in our interaction with food itself – like how we read nutrition labels, expiration dates, recipes etc. All these will become more personalized, health centric  and contextual.

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