Meet Santiago Merea, CEO of Orange Chef

Once or twice a week over the next few months, we'll be sharing insights from one of our speakers about the opportunities and challenges the industry faces while also hearing a little about how they got started. Today's Q&A is with Santiago Merea, CEO of Orange Chef, who will speak on the panel, 'The Quantified Kitchen'  about how connected appliances, big data, smart storage and more will change what we know about food and nutrition. You can read more about Santiago here.

Santiago Merea, Orange Chef

What problem is your company trying to solve that current kitchen or food industry technology doesn’t?

Santiago: We want to make it very easy for people to eat healthy. Our unique approach includes partnering with big appliance brands and act as their digital partner to make cooking healthy meals at home easier. 

Tell us about an important ‘origin story’ moment in creating your product or founding the company. 

Santiago: Soon after we launched Prep Pad (our connected kitchen scale), we were approached by executives at some of the most loved appliance brands. When they told us what their plans are and the amount of homes they are in, we quickly realized that partnering with them to bring your kitchen and grocery shopping together was the way yo go. So we stopped doing our own hardware and switch focus to our software driven experiences.

What’s the most exciting aspect about the fusion of technology and kitchen for you?

Santiago: Helping people eat better. People know they have to eat better, and they want to do that too. But they fail; mainly because of cost and access of whole fresh food. 

What is the biggest potential pitfall do you believe the smart kitchen industry need to avoid to realize its potential?

Santiago: Becoming an on/off solution that has very little value for customers. It needs to jump right into actionable insights. The kitchen is a place of doing. 

What do you think will be the biggest change technology will bring to the kitchen and foodtech space over the next 10 years?

Santiago: I believe that technology is going to help people live better and longer lives and the kitchen is a huge part of that. Technology can help us be more efficient in how we source and distribute ingredients and knowledge. This, in time, is going to lower the cost and barriers of eating better. But we need to start today because 2 of every 3 Americans are overweight or obese and worst, 1 in every 3 kids suffer from the same problem. We are killing ourselves, and our future generations, with processed foods.

Come hear Santiago and over thirty other great leaders in the connected kitchen on November 5th in Seattle. Register today!