Startup Showcase: PantryChic

The PantryChic™ Store & Dispense System™ reinvents ingredient storage, recipe preparation and pantry organization. With its sleek design and integrated smart technology, the PantryChic™ Store & Dispense System™ simplifies recipe preparation by automatically dispensing the perfect amount of each ingredient directly from SmartCanisters™ into your bowl. This convenient solution will replace traditional ingredient storage canisters, measuring utensils and scales to allow bakers and foodies at every skill level to perfect recipes in less time with less waste and mess.

Startup Showcase: Stagg EKG+

Stagg EKG+, a Bluetooth enabled Electric Pour-Over Kettle, raised almost $500,000 on Kickstarter and is launching in September. In addition to beautiful design (the stovetop version is featured at NY MoMA) and pro-level functionality (past winners of the U.S. Brewers Cup have used Stagg in competition), Stagg EKG+ is smart and talks to the Acaia scale and the Baratza grinder for a connected café or home coffee bar experience. Stagg EKG+, all Acaia scales, and the Baratza Sette 270W work in tandem to consistently reproduce a cafe's recipes with ease and precision at the touch of a button. Top baristas or roasters can share their favorite recipes and home enthusiasts can try to re-create.

Startup Showcase: Loki

The first of a line of WiFi smart products is the Loki Smart Meat Thermometer created by Seattle-based Loki Products. This is significantly advanced over anything presently on the market. It is composed of the 'Loki Sphere', where the brains are housed and 'Loki Smart Link' probes. The Sphere can independently manage four such probes, each of which measures both the temperature of the food being cooked and the ambient temperature of the barbeque, smoker or oven doing the cooking.

Startup Showcase: HOPii

HOPii is the most sophisticated and intelligent craft beer brewing system that is beautiful and easiest to use. HOPii is made to create your favorite breweries' craft beers at their best and freshest tasting conditions with a touch of a button. Simply, put in the ingredient pods of your favorite brewery's craft beer into HOPii and press START.

Startup Showcase: GammaChef

GammaChef is the robotic chef that is capable of preparing any one pot meal. It is a pragmatic household appliance that is bringing 21st century technology into our kitchens. GammaChef is unique kind of machine, not many machines can cook real tasty Italian style risotto. At its core is a digital recipe. Based on that recipe GammaChef will prepare you fresh, home made and tasty meal at any desired time.

Startup Showcase: Chefling

Product Description: We develop a kitchen assistant software for consumers. We use image recognition and receipt scanning tech to keep track of what people purchased at grocery store and provide recipes based on it, all without typing or manually search. Users can also purchase grocery online right inside our app, through our partners, which including Walmart, Amazon, Peapod and Instacart. We are also available on another platform, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Our skill My Chef is one of the most popular skills in the store, and has been featured in Customer favorites and Trending this week for multiple times. This helps accumulated about 100k users so far.

Startup Showcase: Ava

AVA Byte is a pod-and-device smart electronic garden enabled by AI. Byte is intuitive to use, with a designer aesthetic that fits beautifully in any environment. All you have to is plug it in, and just add water.Byte is the first garden to grow microgreens and mushrooms alongside leafy greens and herbs. It is also the first to include truly smart tech including sensors that collect data, HD camera that analyses visual inputs, and together combine to help AVA learn how to grow plants better over time.

Startup Showcase: Verdical

Verdical provides a platform for growing food onsite. Each elegantly designed standing hydroponic gardening system uses horticultural LED's along with various sensors to make growing year round as easy as inserting seed pods and pushing a button. The space efficient modular design scales up or down to meet the needs of restaurants, homes, schools, offices, or cafeterias.

Content as Cooking Fuel: The Story of Tasty's One Top

Over the past couple years, Buzzfeed's Tasty helped pioneer a new format for recipes that has catapulted them to the top of the world's leading video publishers. Now, the company is turning those same catchy quick-watch cooking videos watched by billions into software-powered cooking experiences to power their own cooking appliance, the Tasty One Top.  In this fireside chat, Michael Wolf discusses the evolution of Tasty from viral recipe content site to a creator of a connected hardware product. 

Claire King, Head of Culinary, Tasty

Talia Halperin, GM - Commerce, Tasty

Interviewer: Michael Wolf, The Spoon

Reinventing Food Appliances for Internet of Everything

 How does a company reinvent itself in the age of IoT, AI and big data? And more importantly, how does it use those technologies to improve the customer experience? In this fireside chat, we talk to two leaders charged with helping established brands innovate their way into the future about the transformative impact of new technologies and how it will impact the consumer relationship. 

Chris McGugan, General Manager, Innovation & Kenmore, Sears

Larry Portaro, Director, GE FirstBuild

Interviewer: Carley Knobloch, HGTV Smart Home Expert

Reinventing The Home & Community In Era Of Decentralized Food Production

Over the past century, the main focus of food technologists was creating processes and technologies that enabled better and more efficient centralized production of food to feed a rapidly growing population. However, we are now at a tipping point where technology has enabled a great transition towards more decentralized production, where cities, neighborhoods and even our homes will eventually become points of production for a significant amount of our daily food intake.  

James Ehrlich, CEO, ReGen Villages