CES 2017: The Thermomix Interview

If you live in the US, chances are you haven’t gotten your hands on a Thermomix TM5. That’s because the latest generation of Vorwerk’s hugely popular multi cooker that has sold over 3 million units in Europe has only been available in the state of California as part of a limited test market rollout.

But that’s all about to change. Thermomix’s parent company Vorwerk plans to expand the product’s US footprint in 2017, first in New York and then to other markets. This expansion comes as the company rolls out its new connected recipe platform, the Cook-Key, which gives Thermomix users access to thousands of recipes that can automatically be downloaded and used as part of multicooker’s guided cooking system.

As CES in Las Vegas I caught up with the head of Thermomix’s North America, Kai Schaeffner, and Stefan Hilgers, who is head of product for the Thermomix.

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Mike WolfComment