SKS16 Director's Cut: The Smart Kitchen Summit 2016 Wrap-Up With Mike and Ashley

Whether a hurricane, venue change or a 400 pound palett of BBQ basters, nothing was going to keep us from having an amazing Smart Kitchen Summit 2016.

Now that it's all said and done, we wanted to give you the director's cut of the SKS16. We discuss what it was like during the run up to the show, what was going on back stage, some of our favorite moments from SKS16 and much more.

We also want to thank all the attendees, speakers, sponsors and listeners for helping to put together a great week.

One last thing: visit, our new site about the future of food, cooking and the kitchen, where we'll be posting this podcast, videos from SKS16 and covering what is going on in this space.

Thanks everyone!

Mike WolfComment