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Rishi Israni

Founder & CEO, Zimplistic

Rishi Israni is the Founder and CEO of Zimplistic Inventions, a company that wants to make cooking intelligent, healthy and convenient with Rotimatic-- the world’s first IoT and AI enabled flatbread making kitchen robot that measures, kneads, rolls, cooks and puffs flatbreads in 90 seconds. The Rotimatic is now in 40,000 homes in 19 markets all over the world. He also wrote the first software for Rotimatic and was pivotal in making the machine more intelligent by adding IoT and AI features during the invention process. Rishi has been with Rotimatic since 2010 and has grown the company to a staff of over 100 and raised over $45M in funding, including $30M in their latest Series C round.

Rishi is an agile problem solver and thrives on finding deep-tech solutions. Prior to Zimplistic, Rishi founded TenCube, a mobile security company driven to leverage on technology to solve the problem of losing a phone. The technology was a combination of the ‘find my iPhone’ feature and Dropbox. TenCube was later acquired by McAfee.

Rishi draws from his varied experiences as an entrepreneur and delivers insights that are both inspiring and interesting. Connecting the dots between technology, health, wellness and innovation, he is constantly looking to add value to his creations. He believes health is the largest contributor to a good life and wants to do all he can through technology for people to achieve this and thrive.