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Peter Gore

Professor of Practice in Ageing and Vitality, CEO & Co-founder ADL Smartcare

Peter Gore is a Professor of Practice in Ageing and Vitality, and part of the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing (NUIA), and Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IMechE. Gore has been working in the field of technology related to healthy ageing for over 20 years, including as a reviewer and monitor of research for the EC, EPSRC and others including government departments. Gore manages a business which although completely independent of the University, has overlapping interests in a number of areas.

Gore's role includes the understanding and practice of the translation of innovative ideas and research from academia to the outside world - specifically around the field of healthy ageing, with a special focus on technology. Working with colleagues from the Institute, Gore has developed a framework for understanding the role of technology and other interventions in the healthy ageing process. This framework is being submitted for publication.