October 10, 2017


7:30 - 8:30


3rd Avenue Entrance lobby



Recital Hall




Michael Wolf, Creator and Curator, Smart Kitchen Summit



What do Innovators need to address now and how?

New: See video of session here

Appliance makers, food companies and retailers can no longer play by the same old rules. Evan Dash will look at the rules for innovation in the modern kitchen. 

Evan Dash, StoreBound



Building a Full Stack Food Company 

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It used to be very simple. Your company made appliances, food or content, but the lines between these were very defined.  Today the lines are blurring and a new breed of company is emerging as new technologies and business model disruption is changing all the rules. 

Chris Young, CEO, ChefSteps

Victoria Spadaro Grant, CTO, Barilla

Michael Wolf, The Spoon




NEW: See video of session here

From voice assistants to machine vision to chatbot recreations of Michelin star chefs, we are only just beginning to see how artificial intelligence will change the way we interact with our food.  Join this panel of AI meets food experts to get a better understanding the trajectory of AI within the food, cooking and kitchen landscape. 

Erik Andrejko, CTO, Wellio

Nikhil Bhogal, CTO, June

 Emma Persky, Team Lead, Google Assistant Recipe & Cooking Experience

 Moderator: Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast




iTuneizing Food: Appliance as Digital Platform for Food & Drink

NEW: See video of session here

PicoBrew has created a digital marketplace for independent brewers and beer brewing hobbyists to submit their recipes and earn revenue for their beer intellectual property. What happens to food as recipes becomes software and food creation is increasingly driven by technology and digital markets? In this fireside chat, Bill will discuss digital marketplaces for food and beverage intellectual property and how they will evolve in the future.

Bill Mitchell, PicoBrew

Richard Gunther, Universal Mind



Imagining a Smart Kitchen Future

NEW: See video of session here

Digitization of food. New cooking technologies. Decentralized food production. Personalized nutrition. There are so many ways in which our kitchen and what we do within will change in coming years. Institute for the Future's Rebecca Chesney helps us imagine what that future may look like.

Rebecca Chesney, Institute for the Future




Sponsor Workshop: Kenmore Press and Analyst Briefing


Norcliffe Founders Room



Trickle Down Innovation: The Place of the Pro Kitchen in Innovation Diffusion (Fireside Chat)

NEW: See video of session here

The diffusion of technological innovations follow standard patterns. One of those patterns is that an innovation will start being used by customers in high-end, demanding commercial environments and then make its way down to consumer products over time. In conversation with long-time food journalist Amanda Gold, Tyler Florence shares with us his approach to using technology in his kitchens, how recipes need to change so that machines can understand them and where he sees the biggest impacts for smart appliances in the domestic kitchen.

Tyler Florence, Food Network

Amanda Gold



    Building A Modern Appliance Company In the Age of the Connected Kitchen (Fireside Chat)

NEW: See video of session here

Brands in the kitchen have a choice to make: just do what's worked in the past or embrace the future. Founded nearly a century ago, Vitamix has established itself as one of the premier brands in the countertop blender market, but faces a rapidly changing marketplace amid shifting consumer diets, technology innovation and a shifting retail environment. Vitamix COO Tony Ciepiel will talk about how Vitamix looks to chart the future while staying true to a brand's core value proposition established over nearly a century.

Tony Ciepiel, Vitamix

Allen Weiner, The Spoon



    Scaling Voltaggio: How A Michelin Star Chef Uses Tech To Expand Reach While Staying Authentic

(Fireside Chat)

New: See video of session here

How does one of America's best chefs use technology to reach more people while maintaining authenticity to his vision? That's the question we intend to ask Top Chef Michael Voltaggio. 

Chef Michael Voltaggio

Brian Frank, FTW Ventures



Reinventing Whirlpool For The Era of Kitchen Transformation (Fireside Chat)

NEW: See video of session here

Earlier this year, appliance giant Whirlpool acquired Yummly. At the time, Whirlpool's Brett Dibkey said Yummly would provide a foundation for the company's digital offering for the coming era of transformation in the kitchen. In this talk, Dibkey and Yummly CEO Brian Witlin tell us the early days of this effort and what big changes they see coming for cooking and the kitchen.

Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool

Brian Witlin, Yummly

Michael Wolf, The Spoon


LUNCH BREAK 12:30-1:30

Sponsor Workshop: NutriBullet Announcement and Workshop


Norcliffe Founders Room



The afternoon breakout sessions are concurrent content tracks.  Attendees will be able to choose which sessions to attend and can switch between tracks during the breaks between each session. Video of each track will be available for attendees so they can see content from both tracks after the Summit. 

Recital Hall

1:30-2:00:The Home As Food Factory: Making Local Production Mass Market (See Video Of Session Here)

Michael Wolfe, CEO Aerogrow; Gabriel Blanchet, CEO, Grove; Andrew Deitz, Verdical; Allen Weiner, The Spoon

2:05-2:35: Building Services For The Connected Kitchen (See Video Of Session Here)

Lisa Fetterman, CEO, Nomiku; Mike Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company; Hans Stier, CEO, Bonaverde; Tony Ciepiel, COO, Vitamix; Moderator: Brita Rosenheim, The Mixing Bowl

2:40-3:10: Tech Please: How Restaurants Can Leverage Technology In Front & Back Of House (See Video Of Session Here)

David Zito, CEO, Miso Robotics; Steve Fredettez , CEO, Toast; Andrew Dietz from Verdical; Merril Gilbert

3:15-3:45: Standardizing The Stack: Reaching Smart Kitchen Interoperability Through Open Standards

Klaus Werner, Executive Director of the RF Energy Alliance; Hans Kablau, Kitchen Working Group Chair, Wireless Power Consortium; Mitch Klein, Managing Director, Z-Wave Alliance; Moderator: Richard Gunther, Universal Mind




1:30-2:00: Artisan Food And Creation in the Age of AI

Kurt Beecher Dammeier, Founder, Beecher Cheese; Joe Behm, CEO, Behmor Coffee; Michael Wolf, The Spoon

2:05-2:35: From Cloud To Cart: The Future of Grocery (See Video Of Session Here)

Joshua Sigel, COO, Innit; Erik Wallin, Northfork; Mike Lee, Future Market; Brian Frank, FTW Ventures

2:40-3:10: Considering Taste In Design In The Age of Tech (See Video Of Session Here)

Rupali Steinmeyer, Managing Director, MetaDesign; John Winkelman, Interviewer: Ashley Daigneault, The Spoon

3:15-3:45: The Four Generational Kitchen; A Space For All Ages and Abilities

Johnny Grey, Johnny Grey Studios; Patrick Bonnett, Deputy Director, National Innovation Centre for Aging (United Kingdom); Peter Gore, Professor of Practice in Ageing and Vitality, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing (NUIA);  Moderator: Surj Patel, Newsweek and Smart Kitchen Summit




4:20-5:30: Get To Know The Startups

The Startup Showcase will start with a brief three minute introduction to each startup.  We will hear from 15 startups and then go to...

5:30-7:00 Happy Hour & Startup Showcase

Walk around, enjoy a drink and hor d'oeuvres while checking out our fifteen startup finalists.