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Khalid Aboujassoum

Founder & CEO at Else Labs

Khalid was a member of Qatar’s national team for swimming. He grew up in a household where a microwave never made it as an appliance in their kitchen.

Khalid travelled abroad to pursue a computer engineering degree in Canada. Struggling with time between being at school, studying being a home husband and a father to his only daughter at the time, him and his wife never had the time or the know how to cook. He always wished for a “thing” that can take care of healthy, rich and delicious food with a push of a button, without him or his wife being involved. Thats when the idea for an automatic device that cooks started lingering.

After he graduated, he started Else to reinvent cooking at home by building Oliver, the smart and automatic cooking appliance that cooks pre-programmed recipes made by chefs. Khalid holds a B.A.Sc in Computer Engineering with Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship from the University of Ottawa.