Jim Collins

CEO, Kitchen United

While the companies in Jim’s background are varied, the common thread is a focus on helping small and medium sized businesses succeed.

From his early days in tech, driving companies like Collection Data Systems, Apex Voice Communications, Signius Corporation and Affinity Internet, to his current capacity in building the restaurant industry startup Kitchen United, Jim’s blunt but thoughtful management style and focus on relentless evolution build strong, energized teams. Whether in highly distributed enterprises like Signius, Affinity or Pictage, or in smaller technology startups like Apex or Bizmago, Jim’s transparency with his customers is a hallmark of his career.

Dynamic change in the restaurant industry and the opportunity to combine his technical and enterprise background with his knowledge of restaurant operations connected Jim to Kitchen United as CEO in December of 2017. A love of food and hospitality drove Jim to take the plunge and buy a restaurant four years ago and Town Kitchen and Grill has become a fixture in its home community, Montrose, California. Not one to manage from the sidelines Jim can honestly say he’s done everything in the restaurant on the busiest nights, from bartending, serving and bussing in the front of the house, to cooking on the grill, hotline and pantry on busy weekend nights.