Hirotaka Tanaka.jpg

Hirotaka Tanaka

Director, SIGMAXYZ Inc.

As a continuation of his successful career at Panasonic and McKinsey, he joined Sigmaxyz in January 2017. Hirotaka is an expert in growth strategy, new business development, M & A, implementation and negotiation and other areas that span multiple industries, such as in high-tech, manufacturing, telecommunications. His goal is to define in a clear way, how Japan should grow in cooking space, and to help it evolve into a completely new industry.

Hirotaka has supported business transformations at multiple companies and his attention was caught by lifestyle and business that grows and evolves together with technology. While working together with clients he has visited multiple companies and exhibitions in Japan, USA, Europe etc. and observed the newest trends and ideas. He found smart home promising, and especially smart kitchen has caught his eye.

His focus is not only on making things smart, but also investigating and catching the way how "cooking" & "food", which are very important topics in our lives, will change. That is why he started "Smart Kitchen Summit Japan".