David Rabie

CEO, Tovala

David has been passionate about food since he went on a health retreat before starting college. As the CEO of Tovala, he’s been working to bring clean food, cooked fresh to homes across the country. In June of 2015, David graduated with his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. At Booth, David worked part-time for Foundation Capital, ran the Entrepreneurship club on campus and spent his summer interning at Google. Prior to Booth, David co-founded the mobile app Draftpedia - the first sports encyclopedia built exclusively for mobile. While it ultimately proved unsuccessful, it gave him a taste for technology and the startup ecosystem.His first taste for small business came before that, when he was responsible for running a bi-coastal chain of frozen yogurt stores. Before that, he spent two years working directly under the CEO of the Veggie Grill – the largest chain of vegan restaurants in the country.