de Menezes Pereira

CTO & co-founder, Markov Corporation

Arvind is the CTO and co-founder of the Markov Corporation, a startup in Palo Alto, California, which builds devices employing Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize industries that have not seen enough change. At Markov he is responsible for the overall architecture (especially the AI software), and leading a talented team of experienced engineers in researching and developing products such as the Level oven - the first oven that is capable of cooking multiple foods to different target temperatures by using thermal temperatures for feedback - a feat that would not be possible without novel AI controlling some innovative hardware.

Before founding Markov with Leonard Speiser, he worked in various capacities (both software and hardware) at Leonard's previous startup Clover, which has manufactured and shipped hundreds of thousands of POS terminals to various industries including restaurants.

He is excited about the huge positive impact Artificial Intelligence can have on the world. He believes that Markov can be a leader in helping bring AI in a big way to make kitchens of the future much smarter, more intuitive and more fun to cook in.