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Andrew Deitz


Andrew Deitz discovered the joy of the kitchen at the age of 7 cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast for his parents.  His parents savored the luxury of sleeping late but the temptation of breakfast was too great for Andrew.  He ate the half dozen eggs and 6 pieces of bacon before his parents got to the kitchen table.  

Andrew sees food at the center of community, health, and environment.   He is driven by curiosity to find new solutions – and inspiring others to have the courage to adopt them.  During Andrew’s career he has helped build 3 successful startups. He has gained a web of experience as an entrepreneur transforming academic research into commercial software products, growing an executive search practice, and as a researcher in Oak Ridge National Labs.

Andrew Deitz is a board member for which provides a trusted certification making it easier to find REAL food made with simple, whole ingredients and CEO of, a smart appliance and platform for growing food onsite.