The Smart Kitchen Startup Cook-Off

The Smart Kitchen Startup Cook-Off Pitch Competition

The first inaugural Smart Kitchen Startup Cook-Off is a startup pitch session for smart kitchen startups. Each startup gets 5 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes for Q&A. At the end of the competition the judges will submit their scores and we will announce a winner.

Judges: Eric Klein, Lemnos Labs; Stacey Higginbotham, Fortune; J. Kenji López-Alt, Serious Eats; Ryan Vinyard, Highway1

Scaling A Smart Kitchen Startup

Startup Firesides: Scaling A Smart Kitchen Startup

Hardware is hard. The failure rate is high and expectations are higher. We feature two one on one interviews with successful smart kitchen CEOs about how to find a market and build a smart kitchen startup to scale.

Speakers: Greg Kahn, GK Digital Media (interviewer); Michael Wallace, Perfect Company; Steve Svajian, Anova Culinary

Food Commerce and The Smart Kitchen

Panel: Food Commerce and The Smart Kitchen

Online food ordering, at-home delivery, smart replenishment services. This panel looks at how smart kitchen changes the way we buy and sell food in the era of the smart home.

SpeakersStacey Higginbotham, Fortune (moderator); Rob Katcher, Hiku; Iri Zohar, Freshub; Daniel Rausch, Amazon Dash

Reinventing Tea and Coffee In The Age of The Smart Kitchen

Panel: Reinventing Tea and Coffee In The Age of The Smart Kitchen

New technology is enabling us to re-think how we make coffee and tea in the home. From in-home roasting to brewing the perfect cup of tea using sensors and advanced technology, a conversation about this exciting future.

SpeakersSurj Patel, Sharp (moderator); Allen Han, Teforia; Deepak Boggavarapu, Seva Coffee

Selling the Smart Kitchen

Panel: Selling the Smart Kitchen

Home cookware and utensils is a multi-billion market. How will connected kitchen change the way the kitchen is sold, and how do you develop a brand in the smart kitchen?

SpeakersRichard Gunther, Home: On Podcast & Universal Mind (moderator); Matt Furlong, Amazon; Janet Hayes, Williams-Sonoma

The Future Kitchen: Emerging Kitchen Technologies

Panel: The Future Kitchen: Emerging Kitchen Technologies

We've cooked the same way for most of the past 100 years, but now new technology could radically change the way we do things over the next 10. A discussion of emerging kitchen technologies.

SpeakersMichael Wolf, NextMarket (moderator); Dan Viza, Freescale; Indranil Sircar, Microsoft; Nikhil Bhogal, June

The Quantified Kitchen

Panel: The Quantified Kitchen

The combination of connected appliances, big data, smart storage and more will change what we know about food and nutrition. A discussion about use cases, new services and consumer privacy.

SpeakersStowe Boyd, Gigaom (moderator); Santiago Merea, Orange Chef; Madhuri Eunni, SKE Labs

Designing User Experiences For The Smart Kitchen

Panel: Designing User Experiences For The Smart Kitchen

New technologies can be more annoying than helpful. This panel talks with user design experts to discuss how to design products for the smart kitchen.

SpeakersStacey Higginbotham, Fortune (moderator); John Kestner, Supermechanical; Jon Mann, Artefact

Smart Kitchen: Starting Point for the Smart Home Consumer?

Panel: Smart Kitchen: Starting Point for the Smart Home Consumer?

The smart home is a confusing mix of technologies, products and platforms, and consumers are unsure of where to start. Could the kitchen be the entry point for the market?

SpeakersRichard Gunther, Universal Mind (moderator); Kevin Garton , Zonoff; Peter Taylor, WeMo; Jack Suvak, Moen

Reinventing the CookBook

Panel: Reinventing the CookBook

The cookbook is being reinvented in the age of connected devices and apps. A discussion about the future of recipes, cook books and culinary discovery.

SpeakersSamantha Hart, Better Homes & Garden (moderator); Kevin Yu, SideChef; Ben Harris, Drop; David Feller, Yummly

The Connected Appliance Revolution

Panel: The Connected Appliance Revolution

Ten years from now it's likely every new kitchen appliance will be a part of the network. How will the smart home change appliance design, user interfaces, sales and customer support?

SpeakersRich Brown, CNET (moderator); Alejandro Pena, Jarden; Steve Joseph, Dacor; Nate Cho, Electrolux

Welcome Message & The Connected Kitchen Opportunity

Fireside: The Connected Kitchen Opportunity

The arrival of the new technology into the kitchen represents significant opportunity, but also presents challenges. A discussion about striking a balance with ChefStep's Chris Young

SpeakersMichael Wolf, NextMarket ( Interviewer), Chris Young, ChefSteps & co-author, Modernist Cuisine