Content as Cooking Fuel: The Story of Tasty's One Top

Over the past couple years, Buzzfeed's Tasty helped pioneer a new format for recipes that has catapulted them to the top of the world's leading video publishers. Now, the company is turning those same catchy quick-watch cooking videos watched by billions into software-powered cooking experiences to power their own cooking appliance, the Tasty One Top.  In this fireside chat, Michael Wolf discusses the evolution of Tasty from viral recipe content site to a creator of a connected hardware product. 

Claire King, Head of Culinary, Tasty

Talia Halperin, GM - Commerce, Tasty

Interviewer: Michael Wolf, The Spoon

Reinventing Food Appliances for Internet of Everything

 How does a company reinvent itself in the age of IoT, AI and big data? And more importantly, how does it use those technologies to improve the customer experience? In this fireside chat, we talk to two leaders charged with helping established brands innovate their way into the future about the transformative impact of new technologies and how it will impact the consumer relationship. 

Chris McGugan, General Manager, Innovation & Kenmore, Sears

Larry Portaro, Director, GE FirstBuild

Interviewer: Carley Knobloch, HGTV Smart Home Expert

Reinventing The Home & Community In Era Of Decentralized Food Production

Over the past century, the main focus of food technologists was creating processes and technologies that enabled better and more efficient centralized production of food to feed a rapidly growing population. However, we are now at a tipping point where technology has enabled a great transition towards more decentralized production, where cities, neighborhoods and even our homes will eventually become points of production for a significant amount of our daily food intake.  

James Ehrlich, CEO, ReGen Villages

Imagining A Printed Food Future

Three dimensional replication of products today is largely about cheap plastic gadgets.

But what if we could print our food?

While many efforts around printed food still are still gestating in research labs, we are quickly moving towards a much more diverse future in "printed food". Vaiva Kalnikaitė, CEO of Dovetailed, helps us imagine what this world of 3D printed food will look like.  

Speaker: Vaiva Kalnikaitė, CEO, Dovetailed

The Precision Revolution: Beyond Sous Vide

The arrival of precision heating into the kitchen came via sous vide. Now, we are seeing precision heating impacting other aspects of the kitchen and enabling new techniques and even business models. This panel explores the impact of precision heating in across the consumer kitchen. 

Panelists: Bill Mitchell, CEO, PicoBrewJoe Behm, CEO, BehmorEric Norman, CEO, Cinder; Moderator: Sharon Franke


Don't Brick My Fridge

 What happens when we get to a world of connected kitchen devices? Specifically, there are all sorts of issues (good and bad) around consumer support, product longevity, brand interaction, replenishment, etc., that will shift. At the same time, existing sales channel and interaction paradigms with consumers are largely built around the world of non-connected products. What happens when the fridge gets the appliance equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death? Also, are these products secure and do they protect consumer's privacy? 

Panelists: Joe Britt, CEO, AferoCristian Ionescu, RenesasChris McGugan, Head of Innovation & Kenmore, SearsJonathan Cobb, COO, Ayla Networks; Moderator: Richard Gunther, Universal Mind & Home:On Podcast

RIP Microwave: Here Comes RF Cooking

In August, Miele showed off the world's first solid state RF oven targeted at the consumer market. The technology has the potential to have a massive impact on how people cook food.

This panel focused on the future of RF solid state cooking.

Panelists: Yuval Ben-Haim, President, Goji SolutionsDan Viza, Marketing Director, RF Heating, NXPKlaus Werner, RF Energy AllianceMichael Wolf, The Spoon

Solving Big Problems in the Food System by Leveraging Technology

Michiel Bakker is responsible for feeding Google staff around the world but his mission does not stop there. In this talk we learn about his vision about solving problems with our global food system and his work in leading the inspiring efforts from the Google Food Lab.

Michiel Bakker, Director, Google Food Program. Interviewer: Maura Judkis, Reporter, Washington Post