CES 2017: The Thermomix Interview

If you live in the US, chances are you haven’t gotten your hands on a Thermomix TM5. That’s because the latest generation of Vorwerk’s hugely popular multi cooker that has sold over 3 million units in Europe has only been available in the state of California as part of a limited test market rollout.

But that’s all about to change. Thermomix’s parent company Vorwerk plans to expand the product’s US footprint in 2017, first in New York and then to other markets. This expansion comes as the company rolls out its new connected recipe platform, the Cook-Key, which gives Thermomix users access to thousands of recipes that can automatically be downloaded and used as part of multicooker’s guided cooking system.

As CES in Las Vegas I caught up with the head of Thermomix’s North America, Kai Schaeffner, and Stefan Hilgers, who is head of product for the Thermomix.

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The CES 2017 Smart Kitchen Wrapup Show

It’s the CES 2017 smart kitchen wrapup! Mike and Ashley talk about what they saw at this year’s big consumer tech confab in Vegas.

Some of the topics they cover:

  • Smart fridges
  • Smart appliances
  • Whirlpool assisted cooking
  • Bosch’s kitchen robot Mykie
  • Panasonic’s smart kitchen
  • Anova’s new lineup of sous vide circulators
  • AppKettle
  • Alexa

Plus a couple non-CES news items such as Daimler’s investment in Starship and the
AB Inbev and Keurig Partnership.

This episode can be downloaded by clicking here.


Talking Spinzall With Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold is a culinary innovator who has published a James Beard award winning book on cocktails, is the founder of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) and also hosts an extremely popular podcast called Cooking Issues. He also makes hardware, and his latest creation is the Spinzall, a countertop culinary centrifuge.

Mike caught up with Dave to talk about the creation of the Spinzall and much more.

You can find the Spinzall at blog.modernistpantry.com/spinzall/

Reinventing Refrigeration With Phononic's Tony Atti

Over the past 10 years, the world of lighting has witnessed a massive transformation to modern technology in the form of solid state (known as LED lighting).

Now, some in the world of refrigeration are hoping for a similar reinvention using a centuries old physics concept called the Peltier Effect.

We talk to the CEO of Phononic, a company which just received $40 million to help take it's technology mass-market.

Read about Phononic and more about the future of the kitchen at The Spoon: www.thespoon.tech

SKS16 Sessions: The New Food Network

This episode features a conversation from the stage of Benaroya Hall in Seattle at SKS16. Included in the conversation are:

Ashlee Clark-Thompson, CNET; Tiffany Lo, Buzzfeed/Tasty; Kevin Yu, SideChef; Esmée Williams, AllRecipes

The panel description from this session is as follows: The number one video publisher in the world today is Buzzfeed's Tasty, which had almost 2 billion views in the month of May for its short how-to cooking videos made for the Millennial generation. In the age of apps and online video, cooking discovery and education is changing rapidly and this panel will explore what the Cooking Channel of tomorrow will look like.

News Show: Smart Cookie Ovens & Malibu Bay Breeze

Mike and Ashley are back talking about what's going on in the world of the connected kitchen and foodtech.

In this episode, M&A talk:
-appliance as a service (and it's terrible acronym)
-Juicero's new CEO
-SideChef's smart easy bake oven for cookies
-Teforia's $12 million infusion
-Ashley's experience with the Nima gluten sensor
-Jenn-Air's Nest integration
-Ashley explains why Rhode Islanders are still drinking Malibu Bay Breezes
-A discussion of whether George Foreman actually invented a grill
-Smart Kitchen Summit pictures are out!
-SKS17 pre-registration has begun!

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