Tech Soup: A Look Inside Campbell's Test Kitchen

Is there a more timeless food brand than Campbell's Soup? Mike doesn't think so, and that's why he couldn't wait to ask Jane Freiman, who heads up the Campbell Test Kitchen, about how the iconic food brand is preparing for the future of cooking.

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From Zero To Two Billion: The Story of Buzzfeed's Tasty

Buzzfeed's Tasty started only a year ago, and in that time it's become the top video publisher in the world. Averaging around 2 billion video views per month, the site is changing the way people discover recipes and teach themselves to cook.

In this show we talk with Tiffany Lo, who is the senior manager for Video at Tasty and Nifty at Buzzfeed.

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News Show: How about a nice tall glass of cockroach milk?

Mike and Ashley catch up on the latest news in the smart kitchen and foodtech, including:

-The Samsung/Dacor merger
-Elon Musk's brother and vertical farms
-Sur La Table launches Perfect Kitchen Pro
-Amazon launching cooking show in Japan
-Picobrew Pico: Mike has made beer
-An early review of the ChefSteps Joule
-Pizza Hut's DJ pizza box (London)
-Elsevier publishes "insects as food ingredients"

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From Content To Hardware: The Story of Joule

Mike talks with Chris Young, CEO of ChefSteps on this episode.

Chris and ChefSteps just announced a price drop and is giving a million bucks back to the backers of the Joule. Mike asks him why.

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From The White House to Smart Kitchen Startup With Sam Kass

How does one go from being an aspiring baseball player to being the personal chef of the President to working in the smart kitchen space? That's something only Sam Kass could tell us.

We talk to Sam about:
- how he became a chef
-how he started working for the Obama family
--planting the first functional vegetable garden at the White House in almost a century and how
-how he became interested in foodtech
-what he sees for the future of Innit and the connected kitchen

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News Show: Food Service Robots & The Meat Juice Problem

Mike and Ashley catch up on the foodtech and connected kitchen news, including:

-3D food printer ChefJet is still alive
-A performance art piece posing as 3D printer food restaurant in London
-Food service robots are going to take your food service job
-Food delivery startup gets $ for being fresh
-Plus updates on the Smart Kitchen Summit!

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