Talking Spinzall With Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold is a culinary innovator who has published a James Beard award winning book on cocktails, is the founder of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) and also hosts an extremely popular podcast called Cooking Issues. He also makes hardware, and his latest creation is the Spinzall, a countertop culinary centrifuge.

Mike caught up with Dave to talk about the creation of the Spinzall and much more.

You can find the Spinzall at

Reinventing Refrigeration With Phononic's Tony Atti

Over the past 10 years, the world of lighting has witnessed a massive transformation to modern technology in the form of solid state (known as LED lighting).

Now, some in the world of refrigeration are hoping for a similar reinvention using a centuries old physics concept called the Peltier Effect.

We talk to the CEO of Phononic, a company which just received $40 million to help take it's technology mass-market.

Read about Phononic and more about the future of the kitchen at The Spoon:

SKS16 Sessions: The New Food Network

This episode features a conversation from the stage of Benaroya Hall in Seattle at SKS16. Included in the conversation are:

Ashlee Clark-Thompson, CNET; Tiffany Lo, Buzzfeed/Tasty; Kevin Yu, SideChef; Esmée Williams, AllRecipes

The panel description from this session is as follows: The number one video publisher in the world today is Buzzfeed's Tasty, which had almost 2 billion views in the month of May for its short how-to cooking videos made for the Millennial generation. In the age of apps and online video, cooking discovery and education is changing rapidly and this panel will explore what the Cooking Channel of tomorrow will look like.

News Show: Smart Cookie Ovens & Malibu Bay Breeze

Mike and Ashley are back talking about what's going on in the world of the connected kitchen and foodtech.

In this episode, M&A talk:
-appliance as a service (and it's terrible acronym)
-Juicero's new CEO
-SideChef's smart easy bake oven for cookies
-Teforia's $12 million infusion
-Ashley's experience with the Nima gluten sensor
-Jenn-Air's Nest integration
-Ashley explains why Rhode Islanders are still drinking Malibu Bay Breezes
-A discussion of whether George Foreman actually invented a grill
-Smart Kitchen Summit pictures are out!
-SKS17 pre-registration has begun!

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SKS16 Sessions: The Kitchen Operating System

We will be publishing audio from sessions of the Smart Kitchen Summit 2016.

This is from a session called the Kitchen OS: Bridging Islands in the Connected Kitchen.

The panelists include:

Moderator - Michael Wolf (host of the Smart Kitchen Show); Kevin Brown, CEO, Innit; Charlotte Skidmore, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers; 
Ben Harris, CEO, Drop

You can find this and more podcasts at

Examining The Impact of The Mirai IoT Botnet Attack on The Smart Kitchen

Last week a botnet attack was carried out using an army of IoT devices. While the vulnerable devices were netcams and home routers, we know that as more kitchen devices add connectivity, they could become unwilling participants in nefarious attacks.

For this podcast we visit with Jim Hunter of the IoT Consortium to talk about the implications of the Mirai attack and how home appliance makers can protect themselves and consumers from future attacks.

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SKS16 Director's Cut: The Smart Kitchen Summit 2016 Wrap-Up With Mike and Ashley

Whether a hurricane, venue change or a 400 pound palett of BBQ basters, nothing was going to keep us from having an amazing Smart Kitchen Summit 2016.

Now that it's all said and done, we wanted to give you the director's cut of the SKS16. We discuss what it was like during the run up to the show, what was going on back stage, some of our favorite moments from SKS16 and much more.

We also want to thank all the attendees, speakers, sponsors and listeners for helping to put together a great week.

One last thing: visit, our new site about the future of food, cooking and the kitchen, where we'll be posting this podcast, videos from SKS16 and covering what is going on in this space.

Thanks everyone!