Before you read, please note: The schedule for Smart Kitchen Summit is a work-in-progress! This means it's going to get even more awesome as we fine tune it, add more amazing speakers and incredibly thoughtful moderators/interviewers. 

So check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback!

Day 1: October 10, 2017

Morning Sessions

Session Title Speaker(s)
Hello and Welcome Michael Wolf, Creator, Smart Kitchen Summit
What do Innovators need to address now and how? Evan Dash, CEO, StoreBound
Building a Full Stack Food Company Chris Young, CEO, ChefSteps; Victoria Spadaro Grant, CTO, Barilla
The Personalized Food Future Of The Smart Kitchen Neil Grimmer, CEO, Habit
iTuneizing Food: Appliance as Digital Platform for Food & Drink Bill Mitchell, CEO, PicoBrew
Imagining a Smart Kitchen Future Rebecca Chesney, Institute For The Future
Mid Morning Break
Trickle Down Innovation: The Place of the Pro Kitchen in Innovation Diffusion Tyler Florence, Food Network
Interviewer: Amanda Gold
Building A Modern Appliance Company In the Age of the Connected Kitchen Ola Nilsson, CEO, Electrolux Appliances
Interviewer: Mara Judkis, Washington Post
Next Wave: Preparing For The Era of Kitchen Transformation Brett Dibkey, GM & VP, Integrated Business Units, Whirlpool


Afternoon Sessions
Track 1 (Recital Hall) Track 2 (Founder's Room)
Session Title Speaker(s) Session Title Speaker(s)
The Home As Food Factory: Making Local Production Mass Market Michael Wolfe, CEO Aerogrow; Gabriel Blanchet, Grove Future of Smart Kitchen Retail Josh Shabtai, Lowe’s Innovation Labs’ Director of Lab Productions and Operations
Building Services For The Connected Kitchen Lisa Fetterman, Nomiku; Mike Wallace, Perfect Company; Hans Stier, CEO of Bonaverde The Next Grocery Store: What does it mean for our industry? Mike Lee, FutureMarket; Kevin Brown, Innit
Robo-Restaurant - Fun and Fast or Mass Manufactured? Julia Collins, Zume Pizza; David Zito, Miso More Than Good Taste Julia Collins, Zume Pizza; David Zito, Miso
Aging and the Kitchen Johnny Grey Appliance Collaboration Through Open Standards Klaus Werner, Executive Director of the RF Energy Alliance, Hans Kablau, Kitchen Working Group Chair, Wireless Power Consortium, Mitch (Z-Wave)
Afternoon Break
Startup Showcase Company Introductions
15 founders. 3 minute intros. Then we drink and see product...
Startup Showcase & Happy Hour

Day 2: October 11, 2017


Session Title Speaker(s)
Day One Recap Michael Wolf, Creator, Smart Kitchen Summit
Solving Big Problems In The Food System By Leveraging Technology Michiel Bakker, Director, Google Food
Creating The Data Layer For the Internet of Food Matt Lange, Founder IC-Foods
Connected Cooking Data - Extract Insights & Provide New Customer Value Chris Young,CEO, ChefSteps
Mike Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company
Making Connected Cooking Mass Market John Pleasants, CEO, Brava Home
Mid Morning Break
Mr. Robot, Make Me A Meal Drazen Drnas, CEO, GammaChef
Giacomo Marini, CEO, Neato Robotics
I, Chefbot: Bots and AI In The Home Kitchen Erik Andrejko, CTO, Wellio
Michael Natkin, CTO, ChefSteps
The 4G Kitchen: The Future Of Kitchen Design Johnny Grey
Thinking Outside The Big Box: Reinventing Retail Kyle Nel, Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs



Session Title Speaker(s)
Kitchen TV: The Battle For The Next Big Screen Opportunity Yoon Lee, SVP Innovation, Samsung
Esme Williams, VP, Content Strategy, Allrecipes
Video Made The Refrigerator Star Jay Holzer, Head of Content, TasteMade
Social Cooking Revolution Rupali Steinmeyer, Managing Director at MetaDesign
Etsy For Home Cooks
Future of Food, Kitchen Edition Rebecca Chesney, Institute For The Future Food Futures Lab Research Director
Mid Afternoon Break
Taste Is a Technology: The Era of Personalized Taste Mikel Cirkus, Firmenich
Next-Gen Food Sensing Dror Sharon, CEO, Consumer Physics
Food Inception: Building Virtual Food Experiences Basheer Tome, Google VR
Jinsoo An, Project Nourished