Before you read, please note: The schedule for Smart Kitchen Summit is a work-in-progress! This means it's going to get even more awesome as we fine tune it, add more amazing speakers and incredibly thoughtful moderators/interviewers. 

So check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback!

Day 1: October 10, 2017

Morning Sessions: 8:45-12:20

Morning Sessions
Time Session Title Speaker(s)
8:45 Hello and Welcome Michael Wolf, Creator, Smart Kitchen Summit
8:50 What do Innovators need to address now and how? (Talk) Evan Dash, CEO, StoreBound
Building a Full Stack Food Company (Fireside Chat) Chris Young, CEO, ChefSteps; Victoria Spadaro Grant, CTO, Barilla; Interviewer: Michael Wolf
9:25 The Personalized Food Future Of The Smart Kitchen (Talk) Neil Grimmer, CEO, Habit
9:45 iTuneizing Food: Appliance as Digital Platform for Food & Drink (Fireside Chat) Bill Mitchell, CEO, PicoBrew; Interviewer: Richard Gunther
10:05 Imagining a Smart Kitchen Future (Talk) Rebecca Chesney, Institute for the Future
10:25-11:00 Mid Morning Break

Sponsor Workshop: Kenmore Analyst Breakfast (Founder's Room): 10:30-11:00
11:05 Trickle Down Innovation: The Place of the Pro Kitchen in Innovation Diffusion (Fireside Chat) Tyler Florence.
Interviewer: Amanda Gold
11:25 Building A Modern Appliance Company In the Age of the Connected Kitchen (Fireside Chat) Ola Nilsson, CEO, Electrolux Appliances
Interviewer: Mara Judkis, Washington Post
11:45 Scaling Voltaggio: How A Michelin Star Chef Uses Tech To Expand Reach While Staying Authentic Michael Voltaggio; Interviewer: Brian Frank, FTW Ventures
12:05 Next Wave: Preparing For The Era of Kitchen Transformation (Fireside Chat) Brett Dibkey, GM & VP, Integrated Business Units, Whirlpool

LUNCH BREAK 12:30-1:30

Afternoon Sessions 1:30-5:15

Afternoon Sessions
Track 1 (Recital Hall) Track 2 (Founder's Room)
Time Session Title Speaker(s) Session Title Speaker(s)
1:30 The Home As Food Factory: Making Local Production Mass Market Michael Wolfe, CEO Aerogrow; Gabriel Blanchet, CEO, Grove; Andrew Deitz, Verdical Artisan Food And Creation in the Age of AI Kurt Beecher, Beecher Cheese; Moderator: Chris Hughes, Coastal Living
2:05 Building Services For The Connected Kitchen Lisa Fetterman, CEO, Nomiku; Mike Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company; Hans Stier, CEO, Bonaverde The Future of Grocery Kevin Brown, CEO, Innit; Erik Walin, Northfork; Moderator: Mike Lee, FutureMarket
Tech Please: How Restaurants Can Leverage Technology In Front & Back Of House David Zito, CEO, Miso Robotics; Dave Fredette, President, Toast; Andrew Dietz from Verdical; Moderator: Merril Gilbert Considering Taste In Design In The Age of Tech Rupali Steinmeyer, Managing Director, MetaDesign
3:15 Aging and the Kitchen Johnny Grey, Johnny Grey Studios Standardizing The Stack:
Reaching Smart Kitchen Interoperability Through Open Standards
Klaus Werner, Executive Director of the RF Energy Alliance; Hans Kablau, Kitchen Working Group Chair, Wireless Power Consortium; Mitch Klein, Managing Director, Z-Wave Alliance
3:45 Afternoon Coffee Break
4:15 Startup Showcase Introductions
15 founders. 3 minute intros.
5:15-7:00 Startup Showcase & Happy Hour