Giacomo Marini

Chairman and CEO, Neato Robotics

Marini is the Chairman and CEO of Neato Robotics, a home robots company, since March 2013. Previously he was Chairman of the Board.

He is also founder and Managing Director of Noventi Ventures, a Silicon Valley early-stage technology venture capital company.

In 1981, Marini co-founded Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI) with Pierluigi Zappacosta and Daniel Borel. He served until 1992 as Chief Operating Officer. Earlier, he was Executive Vice President, Engineering and Operations; and Vice President of Engineering. 

Prior to Logitech, he held technical and managerial positions with Olivetti and IBM. 

Marini is Board Member or investment lead of Aurora Algae, Celltick, Ecrio, Heliovolt, and Minerva Networks and Board Member of PC-TEL (Nasdaq: PCTI), a communications technology company. He is Chairman of the Marini Foundation and Trustee of the University of California at Davis Foundation. He is a former Board Member of the National Italian American Foundation.

Over his career, Marini has helped build a variety of technology companies. He was involved as an investor, board member or advisor to companies such as Multiscope (acquired by Symantec), Advanced Gravis, Pellucid (acquired by Media Vision), NexCom (acquired by ISSI), Teltier (later Dynamicsoft, acquired by Cisco), Teknema (acquired by Ravisent/Axeda), M7 (acquired by BEA Systems), Easy Market (acquired by TUI), Sygate (acquired by Symantec).

Marini holds a Laurea Degree, cum laude, in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Italy.