The Chefs: Taking Cutting Edge Cuisine From The Restaurant To the Consumer

The professional kitchen is where many of today's cutting edge and emerging cooking technologies are born. We talk to three of the world's leading culinary experts to see what they're excited about and what's next for the professional - and eventually consumer - kitchen. 

Brian Frank, FTW Ventures

J. Kenji López-Alt, Serious Eats

Phillip Tessier, Head Coach, Bocuse d'Or Team USA 2017, Culinary Director, Hestan Smart Cooking

Chris Young, CEO, ChefSteps


Cooking Up Tomorrow's Kitchen: Trends in Technology, Lifestyle and Design

Carley Knobloch has toured a lot of kitchens with an eye toward making them smarter, and more beautiful. Drawing upon her knowledge of technology and kitchen design and style trends, Carley will cook up the ultimate kitchen: From appliances and materials to space planning and futuristic touches, with takeaways for product designers and technologists along the way.  

Carley Knobloch, Host, HGTV Smart Home


Recipe For Disruption: Building A Startup For The Next Billion Dollar Kitchen Category

Building a successful startup for the kitchen requires identifying a consumer need, finding product-market fit and finding the right balance between running lean and being able to scale if demand hits that much sought after inflection point. We discuss the challenges and opportunities around building a smart kitchen startup in 2016. 


Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast

Steve Svajian, CEO, Anova Culinary

Taylor Dawson, Product Evangelist, GE's FirstBuild

Michael Hughes, Director, Hardware Technology and Design, Indiegogo


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