The afternoon breakout sessions are concurrent content tracks.  Attendees will be able to choose which sessions to attend and can switch between tracks during the breaks between each session. Video of each track will be available for attendees so they can see content from both tracks after the Summit. 

Recital hall

1:30-2:00:     The Home As Food Factory: Making Local Production Mass Market

Michael Wolfe, CEO Aerogrow; Gabriel Blanchet, CEO, Grove; Andrew Deitz, Verdical

2:05-2:35: Building Services For The Connected Kitchen

Brita Rosenheim, Mixing Bowl Hub; Lisa Fetterman, CEO, Nomiku; Mike Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company; Hans Stier, CEO, Bonaverde

2:40-3:10: Tech Please: How Restaurants Can Leverage Technology In Front & Back Of House

David Zito, CEO, Miso Robotics; Dave Fredette, President, Toast; Andrew Dietz from Verdical; Moderator: Merril Gilbert

3:15-3:45     Aging and the Kitchen

Johnny Grey, Johnny Grey Studios


1:40-2:00 Artisan Food And Creation in the Age of AI

Kurt Beecher, Beecher Cheese; Joe Behm, Behmor Coffee; Michael Wolf, The Spoon

2:10-2:40 Cart, Meet Cloud: The Future of Grocery Shopping

Joshua Sigel, COO, Innit; Erik Walin, Founder, Northfork; Mike Lee, Creator, FutureMarket

2:50-3:10 Considering Taste In Design In The Age of Tech

Rupali Steinmeyer, Managing Director, MetaDesign; Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast

3:20-3:50 Standardizing The Stack: Reaching Smart Kitchen Interoperability Through Open Standards

Klaus Werner, Executive Director of the RF Energy Alliance; Hans Kablau, Kitchen Working Group Chair, Wireless Power Consortium; Mitch Klein, Managing Director, Z-Wave Alliance; Richard Gunther, Universal Mind